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King Boom Boo, the King of Ghosts
First seen: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Species: Ghost
Gender: Male
Height: ?mMedia:Sonicx-ep19-eye2.jpg[1]
Weight: ?kgMedia:Sonicx-ep19-eye2.jpg[1]
Dislikes: Sunlight
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King Boom Boo (キングブーブ), also known as the King of Ghosts, is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the leader of the Boos and Boom Boos, and is distinguished from them by his much larger size and ability to grunt, blue mouth with teeth and multicoloured tongue and eyes.

Personality and traits

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Game appearances

Sonic Adventure 2

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In King Boom Boo's debut appearance in Sonic Adventure 2, he haunts the pyramid where Dr. Eggman's secret base is located. He is the fourth boss of the Hero side story, and is fought by Knuckles after he finds the three Gate Keys in Death Chamber that open the door towards the centre of the base.

Sonic Runners

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Team Sonic Racing

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King Boom Boo makes a cameo appearance in Boo's House.

In other media

Sonic X

King Boom Boo in Sonic X.

King Boom Boo also appears in Sonic X with a different purpose of that in the games, and completely independent from the series' adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2. He is the central plot of the stand-alone episode "Sonic's Scream Test", where he is sealed in a old castle instead, where Lindsey Thorndyke is shooting a film with her as lead role. He is able to mimic the speech of others instead of simply being limited to grunts, which he does so to trick Amy into releasing the ghosts by faking Sonic’s voice.

After Amy realizes she has been tricked, she tries to hit him with her Piko Piko Hammer spitefully, but the ghost is able to disappear quickly. However, Sonic is able to hit it with the aid of a Power Ring Spin Dash. After this, the ghost is enraged and chases the group of heroes up a staircase, chewing and destroying them. As they reach the surface, Amy and Chris successfully seal King Boom Boo and the rest of the ghosts with the aid of an hourglass.

Compared to his game appearances, King Boom Boo seems to be more interested in mischief than into harming the heroes. However, when angered, he seems to take them on seriously.


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