Egg Golem (Sonic Adventure 2)

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Egg Golem (Sonic Adventure 2)
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Fought by: Sonic, Eggman
Ending quote: Nice try, Rocky!
For the identically-named boss from Sonic & Knuckles, see Egg Golem.

The Egg Golem is a boss that both the Hero and Dark sides have to fight against in Sonic Adventure 2 inside Eggman's pyramid base.

Sonic's Fight

The Heroes side of the story has Sonic dueling the Golem which is under Eggman's control.

Sonic fights the Golem in a circular arena that is somehow floating above quicksand. The Golem is not an impossible boss, but he does have certain attacks that should be tried to be avoided.

The way to defeat the Golem is by hitting the control module located on his head. There is two ways to get reach his head.

  • The Best(Safest) Way: Run around the arena until you reach his back. Jump on the retracting platforms attached to his back.
  • The Quickest way: Spin Dash then bounce to the top when he is standing, or wait till he head-butts the platform. (See Attack Patterns)

Eggman's Fight


The Dark side of the story has Eggman fighting the mighty Golem.

The bad doctor get a taste of his own medicine. Right after Sonic defeats the Golem, it is learned that he didn't destroy it, but damaged Eggman's control module. The Golem once again regains control over himself and attacks Eggman. Once again, Eggman is in the same arena Sonic was in, but the quicksand at the bottom has platforms for Eggman to land on, as Eggman sinks in sand. Eggman must shoot the the power generator of the Golem to defeat it.

Known Bugs

  • The quicksand found in Sand Ocean gave the player a slightly amount of time before acting as death pit, thus introducing a bug where the player is able to log onto the final part of the golem before killing it and then jumping down into the pit. Right after releasing the shot, if timed correctly, the player will die and lose a life, and immediatley after respawning, the Golem will beaten, thus giving the player a result of 0 seconds and save the player a lot of time when trying to beat the time trial.

Attack Patterns

  • 1st Attack: The Golem will try to squish you with his mighty hands. Just move out of the way to avoid it.
  • 2nd Attack: The Golem will try to sweep you off the arena. He will place his hands on the platform and move 360 to hit you. The best way to avoid this is to jump off until he he is done.
  • 3rd Attack The Golem will bash the arena platform itself then head bash/butt it to lower it or destroy it. Try to avoid this at all cost. Jump off or run to the other side.


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  • This boss is very similar to the Guardian mini-boss in Sonic & Knuckles. He guards a pyramid, his weak spot is also his head, and when defeated, he falls into a sand pit.
  • This is the only boss where the boss introduction scene can be skipped by pressing the A button. The title will still appear on the screen during the first few seconds then disappear.
  • This boss is the only boss in Sonic Adventure 2 to be fought by both leaders of the sides, and to be fought with different ways in both sides.


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