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Sa2 E-1000.png
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Affiliation: Eggman Empire
Hits to defeat: 1
Points: 200

The E-1000 is an enemy that appears in Eggman's headquarters in Sonic Adventure 2. It is part of the E-Series.

The E-1000 is a mass-production machine patterned after E-102 Gamma. Unlike its primogenitor- an elite robot with impressive firepower- the E-1000 appears to be greatly simplified and its capabilities accordingly reduced. It lacks Gamma's laser targeting system, ankle wheels, and hand; while never shown hovering over water it also presumably lacks his helicopter blades. Even its limbs have had their number of joints halved. To compensate for its reduced marksmanship, the E-1000 is armed with twin cannons that fire large yellow bolts of energy. Of all of Gamma's arsenal, the Jet Booster has seemingly been retained in limited amounts; some E-1000 units within Pyramid Cave are capable of hovering.

By far the greatest loss from Gamma to the E-1000 series is the former's advanced intellect. The E-1000 seems to possess none of Gamma's tactical skill or overall sentience; it simply mindlessly attacks any enemy that approaches it. E-1000 units do not move from their guard posts, whether on foot or hovering. They are less durable than Gamma and cannot take a single hit from any character. When destroyed, they award 200 points and release the Animal serving as their organic battery.

E-1000 units are found in the following stages:

Character Stage
Sonic Pyramid Cave
Knuckles Death Chamber
Rouge Egg Quarters

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