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Sky Rail
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Sky Rail
Eleventh dark storyline level, Sonic Adventure 2
Level theme: mountain/canyon
Secondary level theme: sky
Mission 1: Chase the Cyclone!
  • A-Rank: 14,000 points
  • Total rings: DCicon.png 331 + 3 checkpoints;
    GCicon.png 329 + 3 checkpoints
Mission 2: Collect 100 rings!
  • A-Rank: 1:15
Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!
  • A-Rank: 1:10
Mission 4: Reach the goal within 2
minutes 0 seconds!
  • A-Rank: 14,000 points
Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!
  • A-Rank: 10,000 points
  • Total rings: DCicon.png 269 + 3 checkpoints;
    GCicon.png 266 + 3 checkpoints
Route 280 | Mad Space

Sky Rail is the eleventh stage in the Dark storyline of Sonic Adventure 2 and the third stage playable with Shadow. It represents Shadow's attempt at chasing Tails and the Cyclone.


Rouge has caught up to the Cyclone and now it's Shadow's turn to chase it.

Level layout


Sky Rail is set above a bottomless pit and with isolated hills that are connected by train rails. If you press A at the end of a few rails (e.g. either rail at the very beginning), Shadow will perform a trick and net a bonus worth a 1000 points (note the "Awesome!" symbol below the ring counter in the level image). The level is located in the same mountainous region as Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill, and therefore shares the similar pumpkin hills setting and objects, like cylindrical containers, scarecrows, skulls that breath fire and metal platforms.

The major gimmicks of this level are the rails that are all over the level and the fan springs that work by homing attacking them and that in turn will give Shadow an burst upwards.

Other level specific-objects are steel beams, some poking out from the mountain’s edge with wheels or windmills at the end, others bended and stuck onto the ground, traffic train lights, yellow and black stripped signs along with black and white rotating signs on rails.


Shadow starts by grinding down a pair of rails and then he’s launched to a platform. It’s worth noting that there’s a lower metal ledge below and to the back. From here and up the height levels there’s a platform with a rocket that will lead to the first Point Marker platform. Yet to the left of the rocket there’s another platform. From here there’s a trail of Beetles that appear if Shadow stands in the Chao container’s place or above, that will lead to a higher level, where Shadow’s Ancient Light upgrade is located. Back at the platform there’s a spring and a pair or rails, and a fan spring that leads to the first Point Marker.

Beyond there’s a long stretch of rails, a small short and a spring, that will lead to a platform. From here and up the mountain eventually there will be the second Point Marker. It is worth noting that there are two platforms side by side down the mountain, accessible easily by dropping down from the one with an extra-life or the one before. There’s also another one with a spring only, accessible by dropping down the short pair of rails platform.

To the back of the Point Marker there’s a Mystic Melody, which activated will make a trail of rings appear, that leads to the level above, which is the same layout as Pumpkin field from KnucklesPumpkin Hill. Back at the Point Marker, beyond there’s rails, halfway there’s a beetle that leads to the ghost pumpkin hills containing extras and past the rails there’s a platform. Up the mountain can be done by two paths, one at the left, and another at the right, which is accessibly by jumping off the rail. Either way they both end up at the top, with the same layout as the top of Church Mountain from KnucklesPumpkin Hill, and where the second Point Marker is. Again and like the first mountain, it’s worth noting that are lots of ledges down the sides, with extras.

Past the Point Marker there’s a set of rails that end in a platform. There’s also a small metal platform to the back and below of this platform but beyond there’s a fan spring, some staircase like path and at the end, rails once again. They’re not twins like the rest of the rails on the level, although they both lead to the same place, the one on the right is a shortcut. At the end of the rails there’s a platform and up a metal beam is the Goal.

Other versions

Sky Rail shares its setting and level objects with Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill, including some landscapes like Church Mountain and Pumpkin Field. It's of no wonder, since both stages are located at the same mountainous area. Unlike Sky Rail, which takes place during the day, Pumpkin Hill takes place at sunset.




Animal Number Location
Bear.png 3 Beginning: In the platform Shadow lands after the rail where Shadow starts.
Second checkpoint: Close to the three in the southern edge of the platform after the first rail.
Third checkpoint: Next to a fire breathing skull, on the right after using the fan spring, located on the platform after the first rail.
Condor.png 4 Beginning: On top of the steel beam, in the second platform after the rail where Shadow starts.
First checkpoint: In the end of the right steal beam, in the platform the checkpoint is.
Second checkpoint: On top of a pumpkin ghost hill with a Mono Beetle standing nearby, the first hill seen to the left while on the first rail.
Third checkpoint: In the end of a steal beam with a wheel, to the north edge of the goal platform.
Sheep.png 4 Beginning: In a lower steel platform after the rail where Shadow starts.
Beginning: Inside the cylindrical container next to the stripped yellow and black sign, located in the stair platform after the rail where Shadow starts and after using the fan spring.
Third checkpoint: In the platform with the checkpoint, next to the Church.
Third checkpoint: Close to the three yellow and black stripped signs, to the south edge of the goal platform.
Tiger.png 3 Second checkpoint: On the platform of the checkpoint, next to it.
Second checkpoint: In a raised platform accessible by taking the right rail after the checkpoint and then jumping to the Spring Beetle.
Third checkpoint: On the large platform after the rail but just before the two Rhino Metals.
Random 6 Beginning: In a pipe, located at the top of the stair platform, located after the rail where Shadow starts.
First checkpoint: In a pipe, located at the second small platform after the first rail.
First checkpoint: In a pipe inside a wooden container, located at a platform with an extra life and a fan spring.
Second checkpoint: In a pipe, located at the left platform after using the fan spring, in the large platform past the first rail.
Third checkpoint: In a pipe, located at the left of the fan spring, on the platform after the first rail.
Third checkpoint: Inside a cylindrical barrel close to a bended steal beam, on the platform after the first rail and after using the fan spring.
Total 20
  • The level specific animal (third Chao container) is a Phoenix.

Big the Cat

When the level starts, look to the right side of the mountain. Halfway down the hill and before the camera changes, there is a steel beam with a wheel to the right. Big is seen just barely where the beam and mountain connect.

Chao containers

  • Beginning: In a platform to the left of the first rocket.
  • First checkpoint: In a lower platform, accessible by jumping down from third small platform, and then homing to the platform.
  • Second checkpoint: In an alcove to the right, past the first rail and after the using the fan spring.

Gold Beetle

The Gold Beetle can be found halfway down the first set of rails after the third checkpoint.

Lost Chao

On the platform of the second checkpoint, there's a Mystic Melody ruin. Play it, to reveal a trail of rings, light dash it and go up the platforms, then up the Pumpkin Field themed hill.


Shadow's Ancient Light upgrade can be found in this level. It is on top of a hill, accessible by locating the first Chao container, standing on the edge for the Mono Beetles to appear, then use the homing attack until the end of the trail.

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