Spark Beetle

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Spark Beetle
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Affiliation: G.U.N.

Spark Beetle, スパークビートル, is a GUN robot that appears in several stages of Sonic Adventure 2. It's a regular Mono Beetle with an electro-magnetic spherical field. The shield will cycle between activated and deactivated every three (?) seconds, and will naturally hurt a character while it's active. Every action for a Mono Beetle is allowed while a character is invincible and either throwing objects or shooting them will destroy them regardless of their shield. Its characteristic movement is standing still while their shield is activated and moving slowly towards the character when its deactivated. It awards 100 points when destroyed.

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Sonic City Escape, Crazy Gadget Crazy Gadget
Shadow Radical Highway, White Jungle Radical Highway, White Jungle
Eggman Cosmic Wall
Rouge Security Hall


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