Mono Beetle

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A group of Mono Beetles in Metal Harbor.

Mono Beetle, モノビートル, is a GUN robot that appears in most of the stages of Sonic Adventure 2 and part of the Beetle series. It's the most basic of the series, and is used as a base from where all the other models are designed and modified from. It has no attacks and stands still only to excitedly move up and down slightly when it spots a character. Sometimes, it might be invisible and suddenly appear when a character comes near their position. It awards 100 points when destroyed.

Character Stage
Sonic City Escape, Green Forest, Crazy Gadget
Tails Prison Lane, Eternal Engine
Knuckles Aquatic Mine
Shadow Radical Highway, White Jungle, Sky Rail
Eggman Iron Gate, Sand Ocean, Lost Colony, Cosmic Wall
Rouge Security Hall

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