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Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Maximum rings: 27
Hits to defeat: 5
Fought by: Rouge

R-1/A FLYING DOG is a Multirole Attacker robot, part of the G.U.N. military force. It's controlled by an agent of said organization and is essentially a B-3x HOT SHOT permanently in hovering mode. It's the third boss encountered in the Dark side story of Sonic Adventure 2 and fought by Rouge after she has stolen the Chaos Emeralds from GUN's vaults.

The boss arena is squared and has two climbable walls at the edges, opposite to each other. There are also twelve wooden containers in L-shape stacks at the four coners, which will be eventually all be destroyed by bullets. The machine can leave the arena and it's unreachable by Rouge while there.

FLYING DOG's behaviour and attacks are the same as B-3x HOT SHOT, and always stops in mid-hair to perform both the missile and cannon attack. If successfully hit while in any configuration, it will take off and start the next pattern, regardless of having finished its attack. Other difference are the Cannon Beam target seems to move much slower than HOT SHOT's and both the Missiles and Cannon Beam can home into a target in the air.

  • Pattern 1 (0 hits): Three Gatling gun rounds alternated with three Air-to-Air/Surface barrages of four missiles each.
  • Pattern 2 (1 hit): Three gun rounds alternated with three missile barrages.
  • Pattern 3 (2 and 3 hits): Beam Cannon volley, three gun rounds, three missile barrages, repeat.
  • Pattern 4 (4 hits): Three cannon volleys alternated with four gun rounds.

Like the BIG FOOT and the HOT SHOT, the weak point of the FLYING DOG is the cockpit. Contrarily to Sonic or Shadow, its forever hovering, so Rouge needs to use either the containers or the side walls to gain some height leverage to attack it.


These specifications appear in-game as scrolling text at the very start of the boss fight:

General Characteristics

  • Combat weight: 89.800 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    • Full length: 11.9 ft.
    • Width: 15.8 ft.
    • Height: 11.4 ft.
    • Wingspan: 38 ft.
  • Power Plan1: Seven GUN F-series turbofan engines / Two GUN RX-01 turbofan engines with afterburners
  • Speed: 160 mph
  • Thrust: R1-B/C. 10.000 pounds each engine.
  • Cooling (?): 32.000 H(?)
  • Range: 2.400 miles.


  • One 200mmm Long-Range Beam Cannon
  • One M-32A1 22mm Gatling gun
  • Two four AIM-120C Advanced Medium-Range air-to-surface Missiles
  • External stations can carry up 10 conventional airt-to-air and air-to-surface munitions and electronic contermeasure pods.

Crew: R1-A: One. R1-B/C: Two.

Sonic X

The B-3x R-1/A FLYING DOG appears in episode 35, Escape From Prison Island (EN: Sonic's Big Break) and it serves the same purpose as the game. Like the HOT SHOT, it only has two missiles per barrage. Rouge defeats him by kicking parts of it off, instead of just attacking the cockpit. In the card information that is displayed in the Japanese version, its dimensions are 3.6m (height) per 3.6m (width (?)), while its weight is 5.4t.


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