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Prison Lane
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Prison Lane
Third hero storyline stage, Sonic Adventure 2
Location: Prison Island
Level theme: industrial
Mission 1: Find the core of the Prison!

Rank A 26,000 points
Rank B 23,000 points
Rank C 17,000 points
Rank D 13,000 points
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: 109 + 3 point markers)

Mission 2: Collect 100 rings!

Rank A 2:30
Rank B 3:00
Rank C 3:30
Rank D 4:00
Rank E Finish the mission

Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

Rank A 2:00
Rank B 2:30
Rank C 3:00
Rank D 4:00
Rank E Finish the mission

Mission 4: Reach the goal within 3 minutes!

Rank A 26,000 points
Rank B 23,000 points
Rank C 17,000 points
Rank D 13,000 points
Rank E Finish the mission

Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!

Rank A 26,000 points
Rank B 23,000 points
Rank C 17,000 points
Rank D 13,000 points
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: 75 + 3 point markers)

Wild Canyon | Metal Harbor

Prison Lane is the third stage in the Hero storyline of Sonic Adventure 2 and the first stage playable by Tails. It represents Tails' break-in of GUN's military facility, in search for Sonic.


Prison Island: Nearby airpsace

Tails is flying on the Cyclone over the ocean, talking to himself as how he knew that Sonic had been imprisoned on Prison Island on Satellite TV, determined to save him no matter what. As he approaches the landing site, he spots Amy being harassed by Eggman. Tails wonders exactly how she got there, but shrugs it off, since he needs to save her because she’s in danger. After a quick fight with Tails and Eggman ends, and the doctor walks out throwing some taunts, Tails asks Amy what is she doing on Prison Island. Amy answers by telling him that she’s there to save Sonic. Getting annoyed at her, Tails tells her to wait outside for them but Amy still follows him inside.

Level layout


Prison Island is located inside GUN’s base and it has a military prison facility theme, with large rows of prison doors, metal beams and tight hallways.

The major gimmick of this level are the prison doors which open if every GUN robot in the area is destroyed, allowing access to new paths.

Other level specific objects are search, fluorescent/halogen and rotating red lights, computer panels, pressure tanks (coloured yellow) that can be destroyed.

Level divisions

Tails first starts in a locked room but busting the Mono Beetles will open the door. To the southeast corner there’s an elevator that will allow destroying the Mono Beetle near the ceiling and open the left prison door to a dead end and to the right there’s another dead end blocked by steel containers. Through the forward path there’s a prison hallway section. Right at the beginning and to the right, destroying the steel container below the indestructible containers will allow access to the prison hallway's ceiling. Carrying on through the row of elevator shafts and prisons, it's always possible to access every ceiling anyway, so this observation is of no consequence. Halfway down the second stretch of prisons there's an isolated prison to the right, accessible through these same ceilings. The third stretch begins with some wooden containers blocking the hallway, along with a small lower platform to the southwest of them. At the end of this stretch of prisons there's the first Point Marker.

Past this there are two rooms connected by an upwards hallway, a shaft with a large elevator that will take Tails upwards where the second Point Marker is.

Beyond there’s a hallway with many prison doors and a large room. At the beginning there’s an elevator to the rooftop which allows access to an isolated platform to the left. The Knuckles Tribe Pedestal reveals a spring that leads to an upper platform with a prison hallway. Back at the bottom, there’s a hallway and a pair of two elevators leading to yet another hallway prison section, where the third Point Marker is at the end.

After this there's a room and destroying a Mono Beetle standing on the back of the room and seen from the right elevator will open the door to the long hallway leading to another room with the goal. There’s also a prison door to the northwest of the Goal, which after some steel containers, is where the Laser Blaster upgrade is.

Hard Mode

Instead of a wall of wooden containers, there's a weight trap, which can be disarmed by hitting a switch in the small lower platform.

After the second Point Marker, at the beginning of the large room, there's a prison door that will only open if one destroys the Mono Beetle at the top of the ceiling by riding the elevator shaft on the right. The Knuckles Tribe Pedestal will not generate a spring this time, but a platform with some rings on it instead. Further down the path there's a fence blocking the way, which will come down when all the far away enemies are destroyed.

After the third Point Marker, in the room that is locked before the long hallway towards the Goal, there is no Mono Beetle to the back, but a set of appearing ones to the right, behind the fence.

Other versions

Prison Lane shares some of it’s setting and most of its level objects with Eggman’s Iron Gate: pressure containers, small and large shaft containers and both have a door gimmick. It should also be noted that the Prison Lane's defenses are lower and that Iron Gate takes takes place underground. Prison Lane also shares the setting with Rouge’s Security Hall, along with yellow small and large pressure containers, It's not surprising since they’re all located inside GUN’s military base.


Type Series Models
Normal Mode Hard Mode
GUN military force Beetle series Mono Beetle, Gun Beetle, Gun Wing, Gold Beetle
Hunter series Gun Hunter Gun Hunter, Shield Hunter, Laser Hunter
Hornet series Hornet-3 Hornet-6


Animal Quantity Location
Gorilla.png 3 Beginning: Inside a steel container, before the square platform.
First Point Marker: Close to the item box, on the second room past the Point Marker.
Third Point Marker: Going in and out the third northeast prison, in the hallway past the Point Marker.
Tiger.png 3 First Point Marker: Covered by a pressure tank, on the first room after the Point Marker.
First Point Marker: In and out the northwest prison of the hallway connecting the two rooms.
Second Point Marker: on the lower elevator, on the large room.
Sheep.png 1 First Point Marker: Amongst the pressure tanks on the second room after the Point Marker.
Seaotter.png 2 Beginning: Above the first prison hallway.
Second Point Marker: By whistling close to the northeast twin halogen light on the large room.
Random 5 Beginning: In a pipe, located at the dead end to the left at the beginning.
First Point Marker: In a pipe, above a raised ledge on the first room after the Point Marker.
Second Point Marker: By whistling close to the computer panel at the left.
Second Point Marker: In a pipe hidden by wooden containers at the higher elevator on the large room.
Third Point Marker: By whistling close to a computer panel, at the room after the Point Marker.
Unicorn.png 1 Level specific animal
Second Point Marker: In a cage (missile is in the ceiling of the prison located at the back of Tails), on beginning of the prison section of the large room.

Big the Cat

After the first Point Marker, Big can be seen in the tunnel right before the long elevator ride, in the second to last prison cell on the left.

Chao containers

  • Beginning: On the dead end to the right at the beginning.
  • Beginning: Inside the side prison.
  • First Point Marker: On the first of the two rooms connected by an upper hallway.

Gold Beetle

The Gold Beetle can be found directly in front by standing on the first elevator of the prison section past the second Point Marker. In Hard Mode, he's exactly in the same area, but a bit to the left.

Lost Chao

Past the second Point Marker, there's a hallway and a larger room. To the left, and accessible through the ceiling, there's a platform with a Knuckles Tribe Pedestal. Activating it will reveal a spring that leads to the upper level, where the Lost Chao is inside a locked prison.


Laserblaster tails sa2.png

Tails' Laser Blaster is in the hallway located at the northwest edge of the Goal room.


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  • For reasons unknown, the Hornets on this stage lack the sound effects they have on other stages as they prepare to fire their bombs.


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