Supporting Me

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" Supporting Me "
Album: Multi-dimensional Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track
Arrangement by: Heigo Tani / Fumie Kumatani
Lyrics by: Fumie Kumatani (translated by Shinobu Shindo)
Vocals: Everett Bradley

Supporting Me is the theme for the boss fight against the Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2.


I'm gonna be desperate

Never Lose... Hurry... Never Lose... Hurry

I believe in my future, farewell to the shadow,
It was my place to live, but now I need your hand.
Lead me out with your light, I have breathed in,
The disgusting air of darkness, but I never lose out to the pressure.

Everything's just like,
An illusion, I'll be losing you, before long.

Never Lose... Hurry... Never Lose

I never lose my confidence,

I know you are supporting me,
Supporting me... supporting me...
I'll be losing you before long.