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Sonic Forces Demo Version
Prerelease of: Sonic Forces
System: Nintendo Switch
Source: Digital download

Sonic Forces Demo Version (ソニックフォース DEMO VERSION) is a demo version of Sonic Forces for the Nintendo Switch that was made available to download from the Nintendo eShop in Japan on October 25th, 2017[1], two weeks before the release of the full game worldwide. Although the demo is only available on the Japanese eShop, it can be downloaded and played on a console from any region by creating a Japanese My Nintendo account, though the demo will be in Japanese regardless of the console's language setting.


The demo offers a selection of three stages for the player to try out, which are as follows:

  • Sonic Stage (ソニックステージ) - Lost Valley with Sonic.
  • Classic Stage (クラシックステージ) - Vs. Eggman with Classic Sonic.
  • Avatar Stage (アバターステージ) - Spaceport with a pre-made Avatar using the Burst, Lightning or Cube Wispons with no modifiers.

All three stages have a strict time limit of 60 seconds that counts down on the HUD as soon as the stage has fully loaded. When the timer reaches zero, gameplay is stopped as the game fades out to a static "Thank you for playing!" screen, followed by an FMV trailer advertising the full game being played before returning to the World Map screen. Because of this, it is very difficult to reach the end of Lost Valley, and is impossible to complete the other two stages. Criticisms have been drawn to the demo for its short time limit within hours of the demo going live.


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