Throw It All Away

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" Throw It All Away "
Theme of Shadow, Sonic Adventure 2
Album: Cuts Unleashed SA2 Vocal Collection
Arrangement and Music by: Heigo Tani / Fumie Kumatani
Lyrics by: Fumie Kumatani (translated by Shinobu Shindo)
Vocals: Everett Bradley
Guitar: Akira Sasaki
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Throw It All Away is the theme of Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2. It was also reused as the theme of Sir Lancelot in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is performed by Everett Bradley.


Everybody tries to be straight
But things are still unchanged
It's useless to resist
Their effort will be wasted
Head straight for your goal by any means
There is a door that you never have opened
There is a window with a view you have never seen
Get there, no matter how long it takes

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk
Throw it all away
No one can break you, nobody can tear you
You live an endless life forever
Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk
Throw it all away
You see a light wherever you go
You have to face it again and again

And again...
And again...


You live an endless life forever...