King Boom Boo (boss)

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King Boom Boo
For the character page, see King Boom Boo.
King Boom Boo
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Maximum rings: DCicon.png 8, GCicon.png 16(?)
Hits to defeat: 4
Fought by: Knuckles

King Boom Boo is the fourth boss of the Hero side story of Sonic Adventure 2, fought by Knuckles after he finds the three Gate Keys in Death Chamber that open the door towards the centre of Dr. Eggman's pyramid base.


The boss arena is toroid shaped and mainly, it’s a slightly modified upper route of the central core of Death Chamber. The central mechanical section, which was labelled E-01, is replaced by a solid wall with the same prints as the interior pyramid levels along with new ones depicting large ghosts.

King Boom Boo will always occupy the whole track therefore the only option is to run away in the opposite direction. However, if Knuckles’ runs too fast, King Boom Boo will notice and turn to chase Knuckles in the opposite direction. King Boom Boo has three attacks, two while chasing: trying to bite Knuckles (which will always happens if he's close) and throwing homing blue flame projectiles, and one where he stops to breathe successive walls of impenetrable blue fire, which will sweep the whole track and stop 3/4 of where the ghost is. In this attack, it's possible to reach the ghosts' backs, that will only repel Knuckles if he attacks or touches the ghost. He will stay and place for a little to catch its breath, but it will start chasing Knuckles again, whether in the same direction or the opposite, whether Knuckles is on its front or backs, restarting the pattern.

  • Pattern 1 (0 and 1 hits): Blue flame projectiles (four), blue flame walls.
  • Pattern 2 (2 hits): Biting sprint, flame projectiles (six), flame walls
  • Pattern 3 (3 hits): Biting sprint, flame projectiles (eight), flame walls.

The blue flame walls is the only instance where the back of the ghost is reachable, where a jumping Boo ghost is, guarding an hourglass. When Knuckles flips the hourglass, the hatches on the ceiling will open and let the sunlight in. King Boom Boo doesn’t like the sunlight, so he’ll shrink into a shadow to hide in the floor or walls and quickly scuttle away. While the skylights are open, Knuckles should catch up to the shadow (that will climb up the walls past the first hit) and dig into it to force the ghost out in the open. King Boom Boo will then emerge in a smaller size than his non sunlight form and run away. It’s in this small window of time that Knuckles can successfully hit him to drain his health. He will continue running but at a higher velocity. It is possible to hit King Boom Boo more than once, though doing so is hard. The trick is for the player to run as close as they can to the wall so that they can catch up with him to land another hit. When the skylights close, King Boom Boo regains his size and invulnerability and the pattern starts all over again. With each hit, King Boom Boo gets faster and the amount of time the skylights are open also seem smaller. A total of four hits will finish King Boom Boo.


The music played while clashing with King Boom Boo is a different version of "Masters Of The Desert." The version used is missing the up-front guitar present in the Egg Golem version. The Egg Golem version is the only one that was present on the CD release of the soundtrack.



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