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Note: These journal entries appear after the story mode is selected after completing a stage/event in Sonic Adventure 2.

Key - * = Repeats as first line for all subsequent levels/boss fights by particular char.

Iron Gate (Eggman)

I'm Dr. Eggman, the greatest scientific genius of the world!* By accident, I found my grandfather's diary. In it, he described a mysterious top-secret weapon he was working on called "Project Shadow."

The diary looked like it was sealed inside the military research facility when it was shut down over 50 years ago.

What a waste of good research!

The legacy of the greatest scientific mind in the history of the world, Professor Gerald. That's my grandpa!

I might as well get some use out of it!

B-3x Hot Shot (Shadow)

I'm Shadow the Hedgehog. The one and only ultimate life form.* Awaken from a deep sleep that lasted over 50 years.

Doctor Eggman, the grandson of my creator Professor Gerald has freed me.

The doctor awakened me and for that, I have granted him a wish.

First, let me show you the true power I possess. In ten seconds I was able to destroy the military hardware like it was a toy!

Dry Lagoon (Rouge)

My name is Rouge the Bat, better known as the treasure hunter, Rouge.* I just love jewels and cannot seem to get enough of them! I found this very valuable Master Emerald but...

This annoying echidna has been following me. He's so persistent!

Moreover, this strange old man with a weird looking moustache tried snatching it from me, but before that happened it was shattered into pieces.

Oh, look what you've done!

Now, I have to find and collect all the pieces!

Sand Ocean (Eggman)

I released Shadow from the military research facility but now... Shadow told me to bring the Chaos Emerald and join him at the space colony, ARK.

There must be something going on. I should go back to the base and check it out!

Radical Highway (Shadow)

I took the Chaos Emerald from the national reserve bank. And now the military and police are chasing me. I don't care if they know who I am because they'll never catch me. It's just a waste of time!

There's no time for games. I have to get out of here, fast!

Egg Quarters (Rouge)

I was able to put a transmitter on that old-man's machine when he first appeared. I can't tell you why...just yet.

Then I tracked and followed him to this pyramid, but couldn't get in because the door was sealed.

Hmm, maybe I need to find a key or something to get in.

Lost Colony (Eggman)

I went to the space colony ARK, as Shadow told me to do. What's in the central control room of the ARK? I have to find out!

Weapons Bed (Eggman)

The bat girl, Rouge, joined our forces and we came back to Prison Island. We came here to locate the Chaos Emerald, that is stored somewhere in the military research facility.

I will go first to distract the troops. Ha...then we will carry out our plans!

Tails (Eggman)

When we reached the military research facility to get the Chaos Emerald, someone was there to stop us! Shadow, Rouge, just go! I'll take care of him!!

Killing you will be my pleasure, fox boy!

Security Hall (Rouge)

I got inside the military research facility, just as the doctor planned it. I need to find the three remaining Chaos Emeralds. This should be a piece of cake!

R-1/A Flying Dog (Rouge)

A minor set-back. Just how could I have let this happen to me?! After collecting the three Chaos Emeralds, something caught my eye! All of a sudden...

The security alarm went off and I was trapped inside the safe!

From out of nowhere, comes this strong-looking fighter. There's not much time left before the bomb that Shadow set goes off! Oh, this is just not my day!

First, I've got to take care of business.

White Jungle (Shadow)

Looks like the bat girl has failed her end of the deal. I really could care less about her, it's the Chaos Emeralds I have to save!

I have to hurry because there's not much time left before the bomb goes off.

Sonic (Shadow)

That other hedgehog appeared while I was on my way to rescue Rouge. He's starting to irritate me. It's time to show my true power!

Route 280 (Rouge)

We announced our plans for world domination using the power of the Chaos Emeralds we stole from the military research facility. Charging the Eclipse Cannon is taking too long!

So we've got to get the last Chaos Emerald and fast! Where is that fox boy?

Sky Rail (Shadow)

I received a message from Rouge to follow that plane...The pilot is in possession of the last Chaos Emerald. There are so many creepy looking mountains ahead of me...Never mind that, I won't let the plane get away!

Egg Golem (Eggman)

I was waiting for Sonic at my hidden base to show him my awesome robot created to put that creep in his place, but... That blue hedgehog alluded me again! Now he's on the attack and is coming after me. Why does this always happen?

Hey, get out of my way! Sonic's escaping!

Mad Space (Rouge)

But that's not all I do... Finally, those guys appeared when I returned from my secret mission.

That means they've collected the remaining pieces of the Master Emerald. Now is my chance!

I've retrieved the information about the secret project, "Shadow," now's my chance to grab the Master Emerald and dash!

Knuckles (Rouge)

He's starting to get on my nerves! He is relentless about the Master Emerald, isn't he? Why doesn't he just give up? That annoying echidna. I will beat him up and take the Master Emerald!

Cosmic Wall (Eggman)

Sonic and his buddies somehow found a way to get to the space colony. Why am I getting readings from two separate Chaos Emeralds? What's going on!

They must be planning a counter-attack.

I've got no time to waste! Back to the space colony to attack them.

Tails (Eggman)

Hahahahahaha! I finally did it! I've defeated Sonic! That annoying hedgehog is now gone forever! He's nothing but floating chunks in space now! What are you going to do now Tails? If you are against me, you'll suffer the same fate as your buddy, Sonic!

Final Chase (Shadow)

Finally, all the seven Chaos Emeralds are set in place. Now the stage is set, I'm almost finished! All this time, someone has been trying to get at the Eclipse Cannon. There's no hope for him now!

It's important that we don't make any mistakes right now. I have to get rid of all those pests!

Sonic (Shadow)

It's that blue hedgehog that's trying to destroy the Eclipse Cannon! I'm impressed. I thought he died in the capsule that was shot into space.

Now, I know that blue hedgehog is dangerous!

When I'm finished with him, he'll have wished he died in the capsule. I'm gonna show him my real power.

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