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A Gun Hunter in City Escape.
A Gun Hunter Model in Sonic Generations

Gun Hunter, ガンハンター, is a GUN robot that appears in most of the stages of Sonic Adventure 2 and part of the Hunter series. It's the most basic of the series of all, and from where all the other models are designed and modified from. It attacks by shooting yellow projectiles once it spots a character. Sometimes, it might be hunched down, only to activate when a character comes near. There's a slightly enhanced model (called a "Gum Hunter"), which shoots blue projectiles to bind a character and then shoot them with the yellow projectiles. Either awards 100 points when destroyed.

Gun Hunters made a 2D appearence in Sonic Rush, as enemies on the GUN battleship Huge Crisis.

Gun Hunter in Sonic Rush.png

The Gun Hunters back in Sonic Generations on City Escape with an improved look and more equipment as miniguns and jetpacks.

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Sonic City Escape, Green Forest, Crazy Gadget
Tails Prison Lane Prison Lane, Mission Street
Shadow Radical Highway, White Jungle Radical Highway
Eggman Iron Gate, Weapons Bed
Rouge Dry Lagoon, Security Hall


  • The perpetually hunched Gun Hunter in Weapons Bed don't hurt Eggman when he touches them, nor does it drop a Chaos Drive when destroyed (it makes sense since it's not powered), but it still scores 100 points.

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