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Sonic vs. Blaze
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Sonic vs. Blaze
Game: Sonic Rush
Level: Dead Line
Maximum rings: 6
Hits to defeat: 8
Fought by: Sonic, Blaze

Sonic and Blaze fight each other as the seventh boss of each of their respective stories in Sonic Rush. For Sonic, the boss is listed as Blaze, while for Blaze it's listed as Sonic. Aboard the orbiting Dead Line space station, Sonic and Blaze confront Eggman Nega or Eggman respectively during a cutscene. Blaze, however, is so determined to save the Sol Dimension on her own that she fights Sonic when the hedgehog refuses to leave the Doctor to her!

As usual in Sonic Rush, the battle is 2.5D. Sonic and Blaze fight on a linear platform while Eggman / Nega hovers in the background. At the final part of the boss, the camera shifts perspective depending on which character is winning.


Most of the battle simply requires the player to avoid the opponent character's attacks - with antagonist Sonic and Blaze both able to deploy many more impressive moves than they can as the protagonist. As their health is chipped down, they start to use new attacks, and the final eighth hit is an entirely new experience altogether...

  1. Hit Sonic or Blaze when they are just standing there and not Spin/Burst Dashing or jumping, if you spin or jump into them they cannot hurt you most of the time. The best time to hit them is right after they have completed an attack and they are not actively doing anything.
  2. When the opponent revs up on the spot you are about to be Spin Dashed. Just jump out of the way; jumping into them while spinning doesn't do anything but sends you flying in the opposite direction. Be prepared to hit them when they stop spinning.
  3. The opposing character will occasionally float up to hover in the air. This indicates they are about to home in on you at high speed; just jump so they can't hurt you and be ready to hit them quickly after they land.
  4. An alternate floating attack occurs differently for Sonic and Blaze. Sonic creates a Blue Tornado and tries to suck you in. Basically, you try to jump or run away from the tornado. Sonic will do the Tornado 1-4 times and after doing one will very quickly hover over you and try to form another one right on top of you, so you just need to watch Sonic very carefully and run away. Blaze floats in mid-air and summons flame pillars. If you look on the ground a small circle of fire appears before the flame pillar and you can try to run, but try not to get backed up in a corner by sequential pillars. Both characters might follow this attack up by homing in on you or they will just go back to the ground.
  5. 1 Hit Left: Always lethal if done wrong! There is a small cutscene after the penultimate hit, then the battle totally changes. Now Sonic and Blaze are running into each other trying to push each other off the platform. The A and B button symbol appears, and it's not kidding! You have to push these buttons very fast to win. The best way is to use both hands and press both buttons at the same time. You can tell you are winning when the flashes of light that appear are mostly toward the opposing character. The battle ends with either your character or the other gets sent flying off the platform.


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