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Sonic Rush
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Eighth (Sonic and Blaze) level, Sonic Rush
Level theme: outer space

Unknown, also called Point W and F-Zone, is the eighth level in Sonic Rush. What any of the names mean is anyone's guess. This stage is just one big boss battle, as both Eggmans attack in a large flying mecha known as the Egg King while the characters fall from space aboard a piece of Dead Line's debris.

Boss Battle

The Egg King has several main attacks. 1. The boss will reach up with both arms and then alternate slamming them into the ground, as if he's throwing a temper tantrum. Whenever his hand strikes the floor 2 shockwaves will appear, one on either side. These will move outwards from his hand.

To dodge, run around until he slams a hand down, then jump back towards his hand to avoid the shockwave. Be careful however, as his health gets lower he'll begin to slam his hands down rapidly, thus creating a literal SEA of shockwaves.

The boss will raise both arms behind his head while leaning backwards and, after a moment, SLAM them down onto the platform. After impact, he'll stick his elbows out onto the platform, so be sure to avoid them. This attack also creates shockwaves, just as the attack before did. You can easily tell he is about to use this attack as he will shout "Get ready to be schooled!"

Once he winds back, run into a corner, then turn around and start charging a Spin/Burst Dash. Wait for a moment, then release the dash. If you've timed it properly, he won't be able to catch up and end up just hitting the floor harmlessly behind you. After that, just jump over the shockwave.

3. The boss will cross his arms, then open his mouth. A red laser will appear and sweep across the field multiple times while leaving a trail of explosions in its wake. The laser itself can't hurt you, so don't worry about jumping through it. The explosions, on the other hand, are quite painful. The best way to dodge this attack is while running. Take a nice, long running start at the explosions, then jump over them and get ready to immediately jump over the next set. Be sure to grab any fallen rings as soon as possible.

4. Typically, the boss does not use this attack until his health is down to approximately 3. He will clap his hands, then hold them outstretched. A small, unusual looking pod will then launch from his back and hover just above your head. Two bolts of electricity then form and trap you inside.

One of the bolts will then begin to move towards the other. To survive, you'll need to stay in the middle of the bolts as they sweep across the arena. If you get hit, immediately grab a few of your fallen rings and then run back into the center of the bolts while you're still blinking. The pod WILL follow you, so if you do not reposition yourself inside of it, then it WILL hit you again.

Sometimes he will launch multiple pods. Don't panic, you are able to walk through the bolts as long as they're transparent. As long as you stay away from the solid bolts, you'll be fine.

When the boss is down to one remaining hit, it stops all attacks, as the Eggman piloting declares a death sentence for the player. "Pinch Mode" is then activated, as the mecha will attempt to break the platform by ramming into it from the background. At this point, the player must jump at the cockpit to deliver the final blow and win the battle. Failure to do so results in the platform breaking and the player being insta-killed due to falling.


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