Blaze the Cat

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Blaze the Cat
First seen: Sonic Rush (2005)
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Age: 14[1]
Height: 95cm (3'1")[1]
Weight: "L-Like I'd tell you that." (from the chat with her)[1]
Dislikes: Heights[1]
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Blaze the Cat (ブレイズ・ザ・キャット) is a fictional anthropomorphic cat in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Originating from the Sol Dimension, she made her debut in the Nintendo DS video game Sonic Rush in 2005 and has been a recurring character ever since.

Character conception


Sonic Rush

Blaze is introduced in Sonic Rush as the imperial princess of the Sol Empire[2][3] in another dimension, where she acts as a defender of the Sol Emeralds. As her name implies, Blaze's main ability is pyrokinesis; the ability to control fire. Though she is alone in Sonic's world and painfully shy when meeting strangers, she will not let this prevent her from fulfilling her mission: to retrieve the Sol Emeralds and save her world from destruction. Her dimension and Sonic's are in flux with each other, allowing the characters to travel from one to the other through a tear in the space-time continuum. Blaze is the only playable character aside from Sonic himself, available after Sonic beats Dr. Eggman in the Leaf Storm Zone.

Throughout the game, Blaze learns the meaning of friendship from Sonic and friends, especially Cream the Rabbit. Cream opens her up to the world and teaches her the value of friendship: the two become close partners like Sonic and Miles "Tails" Prower, similarly to how Tails values Sonic as an older brother and hero, Cream similarly learns to idolize Blaze, if not more in a friendly way.

It is through the power of friendship that Blaze realizes the true powers of the Sol Emeralds, and she transforms into her Super State, Burning Blaze to help Super Sonic stop Eggman and Eggman Nega from taking over the universe. After Super Sonic and Burning Blaze defeat them, they promise to see each other again and say their goodbyes as they shake hands, being torn apart by their respectful dimensions being returned to normal. Blaze, still in a Super State, now understands her power and friendship, as she thinks on Sonic's words of advice.

Blaze's later appeared in the sequel to Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, again as a playable character. It's noteworthy that in this game, Blaze is shown as invulnerable to fire hazards. She has appeared as an amigo character in Sonic the Hedgehog and in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity as an unlockable racer. She also makes an appearance as a playable athlete in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and its sequel.

Sonic Rush Manual - Blaze

Note: This section is verbatim from the Sonic Rush manual

Blaze the Cat

As guardian of the Sol Emeralds, she's currently hot on the trail of Dr. Eggman who's made off with them. Blaze is normally calm and level-headed, but may be concealing her real feelings. Devoted to her position, she sometimes gets bogged down by her own strict discipline, which may explain why she seems a little withdrawn.

Blaze's Actions

Axel Jump

A/B Button Use the A/B Button to jump and/or attack your enemies.

Burst Hover

Axel Jump, R Button Simply jump and press the R Button in mid-air to dash forward above ground.

Burst Dash

Down + A/B Button, release Down Hold the Control Pad Down while standing still, then press the A/B Button to spin, and release the Control Pad. Blaze dashes forward spinning, blasting enemies in her path.

Fire Boost

X/Y Button Press the X/Y Button while Blaze is on the ground. This action is available as long as your Tension Gauge is charged.

Trick Actions

Axel Tornado

Up + R Button Use the Springs or the Ramps to launch into the air, then press both the Control Pad Up and the R Button to perform a vertical hop, attacking enemies in the way.

Jump Step

Left/Right + R Button Use the Springs or the Ramps to launch into the air, then press both the Control Pad Left/Right and the R Button to perform a horizontal hop.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

In the IDW Comic Series, Blaze the Cat was sent to Sonic's dimension after receiving a warning from the Sol Emeralds. She arrived after Dr. Eggman's attempt to take over the world but believed there may have been another coming crisis. She joined up with Sonic's friends to help battle Neo Metal Sonic, who had taken over the Eggman Empire in his creator's absence. After the big brawl on Angle Island with Neo Metal, Blaze returned to the Sol Dimension to resume her duties as princess of the Sol Empire. She later saw Sonic again after he was blasted to the Sol Dimension by the Warp Topaz. Sonic had lost his memories but with Blaze's help he was able to get his head straights and go back to his world.


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In SEGA's Sonic '06 game script draft spreadsheet file[4], there are character profiles written in corresponding English and Japanese that talk of their personalities and some of their origins. It says in the end of Blaze's English profile, "She has a rather unique costume on under her cape, and it also seems that she is bothered by underendowed [sic] chest (comments on which will rouse her anger)." Since this doesn't come from the final script, it's possible that this was changed in later revisions.


Video games

Voice actors


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