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Game: Tails' Skypatrol
Level: Metal Island

Carrotia (キャロッティア) is a female anthropomorphic rabbit. She is the 3rd boss of Tails' Skypatrol, and presumably Witchcart's highest ranking minion. She rides around in a flying Carrot and seems to be either flirtatious and/or self obsessed. Her buck-tooth adds to the somewhat goofy "western-drawn" stereotype appearance of the previous bosses.

Carrotia, along with her fellow comrades Focke-Wulf and Bearenger, take part in Witchcart's raid against the random island by securing certain parts of the island. She was given control of the Metal Island area and inhabits the skies above the island. She can attack with carrot shaped homing missiles and can also blow kisses which harm Tails. When defeated Tails drags her off screen.


Tails' Skypatrol
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