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First seen: Sonic Frontiers (2022)
Members: Dragon[1], Snake[1], Tiger[1], Crane[1], Master King[1]
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The Ancients are an alien race introduced in Sonic Frontiers that brought the Chaos Emeralds to Earth tens of thousands of years ago. Their appearance highly resembles Chaos, the God of Destruction.[2][3]


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On the planet of the Ancients, there used to be five tribes co-existing together. The different tribes had diverse body types from each other. Sage describes them to Sonic the Hedgehog as one having big and powerful bodies, one having developed a tail instead of legs, one that walked on four legs, a winged tribe, and a tribe that was more intelligent than the others. The intelligent trive was the only survivor of The End's attack on their home world.[1]


The Ancients were an advanced alien race who possessed the Chaos Emeralds tens of thousands of years ago. Their planet was being destroyed by a powerful entity known as The End, so their most intelligent tribe used a fleet of spaceships powered by the Chaos Emeralds to escape the destruction of their home world. While traveling through the galaxy, the Chaos Emeralds reacted to the Master Emerald on Earth and forced them to land on the planet.

Upon landing on Earth, the Ancients made the Starfall Islands their home for a time and recorded their history in Cyber Space, but later found out The End followed them through space. They constructed the Titans to defeat The End once and for all, their mech designs representing the other tribes that perished with the destruction of their home world. Unfortunately their efforts were not enough to stop The End from reaching Earth. The pilots of the Titans had to seal The End with themselves in Cyber Space to stop the monster, while another group traveled to the location of the Master Emerald with the Chaos Emeralds in hand. Over their time on this planet, their bodies changed and evolved through the generations. What remains of them became a new species, the Chao.[2][3]


Master King

In other media

Sonic Prime

Statues of the Ancients can be seen in No Place.[4]