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First seen: Sonic Frontiers (2022)
Species: Koco
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Koco (ココ) are creatures in the Sonic the Hedgehog series that were introduced in Sonic Frontiers. They are small, sentient stone-like creatures that reside on the Starfall Islands, occupying the ancient ruins scattered across the islands.


Art of the Koco drawn by Yui Karasuno.
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According to Sage, the Koco originated as lucky charms for the Ancients. They weren't design to contain their memories or wills. It is unknown how they got the memories of their creators but Sonic speculates that maybe the Ancients changed them, or maybe the Koco wanted to keep their memories alive after they were gone.

Throughout Sonic Frontiers, the blue hedgehog helps the Koco with their problems, which helps puts the spirits inside of them to rest. Often in return for helping them he receives a Chaos Emerald as a reward for his efforts. He also helps Elder Koco collect lost Koco, and Hermit Koco with gathering Red Seeds of Power and Blue Seeds of Defense. In return the two of them enhance Sonic's cyber abilities.

Later on Ouranos Island, Sonic finds the sprits of the Ancients who defended the world against The End inside of Koco on towers. Upon completing the trial set by their leader Master King Koco, Sonic gains control over his Cyber Corruption and Super Sonic is powered up.[1]


Elder Koco
Hermit Koco


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