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DeadlySix Zor.png
First seen: Sonic Lost World (2013)
Species: Zeti
Gender: Male
Age: 112Media:SonicLostWorld Zor Profile.jpg[1]
Height: 80cm (2'7")Media:SonicLostWorld Zor Profile.jpg[1]
Weight: 14kg (30.9lbs)Media:SonicLostWorld Zor Profile.jpg[1]
Likes: Giving bad newsMedia:SonicLostWorld Zor Profile.jpg[1], other people's sadnessMedia:SonicLostWorld Zor Profile.jpg[1]
Dislikes: Happiness

Zor (ゾア Zoa) is one of the primary antagonists of Sonic Lost World and a member of the Deadly Six. Sporting a slouching white body with purple hair and cyan horns, this diminutive Zeti is the group's spy.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

Zor is a being who's one with the shadows, both physically and mentally. He believes that everything is pointless in the cosmic scheme of things and has given up on hope, happiness and life, making him a constantly depressed individual to the point of nihilism and possibly suicide. He often whines about the meaninglessness of everything and always has low expectations. He has an immense dislike for happiness, seeing it as something that wrecks the world for others. Despite his aversion to joy, he seems to find comfort in receiving pain, and when he does smile, thereby causing himself pain, he finds it cool.

A nihilist attitude like his makes him as callous as the other Zeti despite not being particularly violent (at least compared to the rest of the Deadly Six), as he will amuse himself by bringing bad news to others, making their lives a misery, and even hurting and killing others. He'll even go as far as causing global genocide for his own benefits.

Zor is capable of utilizing dark and forbidden powers that none of the other Zeti dare to useMedia:SonicLostWorld Zor Profile.jpg[1], such as manifesting and commanding flocks of shadowy bats that can even amalgamate to form shadowy clones of himself, which seemingly possess the same abilities that the real Zor can use. Like all Zeti, Zor has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, allowing him to control electronics, which he does to Eggman's Badniks.

Game appearances

Sonic Lost World

Though Zor can be seen in the background when the Deadly Six are initially introduced, he appears as a silhouette until his proper introduction in the story. After Tails is captured in a trap set up by the Deadly Six, Zor is confronted by Sonic about it, and expresses surprise that the Zeti have caught the wrong person. Ignoring Sonic's demands to give Tails back, Zor reported back to his team after getting a beating from the hedgehog, only to hear they already know about Tails. Spying on Sonic later on, Zor attacked him again to "knock him down a peg," but was beaten again.

Later, at Lava Mountain, Zor accompanies Zavok and Zeena to taunt Sonic and send the seemingly-roboticized Tails after him, only to be forced into retreating when the fox drops his façade and opens fire on the Zeti. He confronts Sonic one last time, but is ultimately defeated. What happened to Zor afterwards is unclear.

Sonic Runners

Zor appeared during the storyline of the "Zazz Raid" event in Sonic Runners, where Zazz comes to him and Zeena for advice on how to beat Sonic. While Zeena teases Zazz, Zor tells the pink Zeti how a battle is like a symphony. Zazz, of course, has no idea what he's talking about and gets flustered.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

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