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Team Chaotix
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
Members: Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile

Team Chaotix, also known as the Chaotix Detective Agency, is made up of three members of the former Chaotix group - the speedy ninja Espio the Chameleon, the powerful leader Vector the Crocodile and the air-headed flying ace Charmy Bee. Notably missing is Mighty the Armadillo, who appeared along with them in Chaotix.

The story is that Team Chaotix is a detective agency. One day they get a mysterious call from a stranger that claims that if the job he has for them is completed he will have a large amount of money. Espio, being the skeptic of the group, does not think that the case is fit for him but Vector reminded him of the number one rule, "We never turn down work that pays!"

In Sonic Heroes, the missions of Team Chaotix are unique and/or unusual. Whether it's collecting hermit crabs or destroying golden turtle robots, their goals are unlike those of any other team. In addition, they have unique skills that set them apart from the others. Espio, for instance, can become invisible in order to avoid enemy fire and to pass through laser barriers, while Charmy can activate special flowers to transport the group to another flower on the other side of the level (literally -- if you reach the end of the level before completing a mission, a flower will be there to bring you back to the start). This team is recommended for those looking for a change of pace from the general "reach the end" style of play.

Notably, Team Chaotix is the only team that does not have a hedgehog as the Speed character. It's also the only team without any mammals on it.

Team Chaotix Moves

Speed Formation: Espio

  • Spin: Hold B either while standing still or running to increase speed and attack enemies.
  • Rocket Accel: Hold B and wait for team mates to follow behind and release for a steady pace, or press again for second team mate to hit you further and faster.
  • Shuriken: Tap B. Espio throws a shuriken. It's not homing, so aim manually. If in a closed-in area, they can ricochet off walls.
  • Homing Attack: Jump and Press A while in the air. Targets nearby enemies or objects (strength increases depending on level.)
  • Leaf Swirl: Jump and Press B while in the air. This is 2 things: it can be used like the other tornado attack to lift enemies off of the ground and to use on the poles and Espio can turn nearly invisible and can sneak past sleeping enemies and pass through lasers.
  • Triangle Jump: Do a homing attack towards any wall to stick on it, then press A to next wall. Also using the control stick, you can go forwards or backwards. While stationary on a wall, you can jump back and forth in one spot. Espio can stay on a wall for an unlimited amount of time.

Fly Formation: Charmy

  • Ascending Flight: Jump and hold A while in the air.
  • Quick Ascent: While Flying, press A to get a quick boost of height.
  • Thunder Shoot: Press B. Used to Stun and kill enemies (depending on your level.)
  • Sting Attack: While Charmy is alone, press B to use his stinger to attack enemies. It can be also used to make Warping Flowers bloom.

Power Formation: Vector

  • Auto Homing: Team mates automatically attack nearby enemies.
  • Fire Combination: Press B gathers the others in Vector's mouth. To cancel Fire Combination, press A.
  • Fireball: During Fire Combination, press B button to fire your team mates at enemies.
    • Jump Fireball: During Fire Combination, press A button followed by the B button.
  • Hammer Down: Jump in the air and press B.
  • Circular Attack: Once you are leveled up at least once, you will be able to perform a circular attack after using Fire Knock. Results depend on your level.
    • First level up: Vector uses his booming voice to take out the enemies.
    • Second level up: Vector spews fire from his mouth.
    • Third level up: Vector spews bubblegum bubbles that explode when touched.
  • Bubblegum Descent: While in the air, press and hold A to descend slowly to the ground or to ascend by using an updraft (ex. a fan)

Entire Team

  • Team Blast: Chaotix Recital: Press Z when your Team Blast gauge is filled. Will kill all enemies on screen, take 30 HP off of bosses, and give ring bonuses. While not very effective against regular bosses, this Team Blast really shows its mettle during the Robot Carnival and Robot Storm boss battles and is really useful against the Egg Hammer and those Special type Egg Hammer's which have a Roman like helmet.

Team Chaotix Objectives

  • Seaside Hill - Find 10 Hermit Crabs! / Find All 20 Hermit Crabs!
  • Ocean Palace - Rescue the chao trapped in the Palace! / Rescue the chao trapped in the Palace without being detected!
  • Grand Metropolis - Clear out the enemies of the city! / Clear out the enemies of the city within 8 minutes!
  • Power Plant - Defeat the 3 "gold" turtle robots! / Defeat the 5 "gold" turtle robots!
  • Casino Park - Win 200 Rings! / Win 500 Rings!
  • BINGO Highway - Collect 10 casino chips! / Collect all 20 casino chips!
  • Rail Canyon - Infiltrate the Terminal Station! / Infiltrate the Terminal Station within 6 minutes!
  • Bullet Station - Destroy 30 capsules! / Destroy all the capsules!
  • Frog Forest - Get through the forest without being detected by the frogs! / Hurry and get through the forest without being detected by the frogs!
  • Lost Jungle - Rescue 10 Chao! / Rescue all 20 Chao!
  • Hang Castle - Get the keys inside the haunted castle! / Find the keys inside the keys inside the Haunted Castle without being detected by the enemies!
  • Mystic Mansion - Blow out all the "red" torches. / Blow out all the "blue" torches!
  • Egg Fleet - Infiltrate the flagship without being detected by the enemies! / Hurry and get to the flagship without being detected by the enemies!
  • Final Fortress - Find the keys to the cell where the client is locked up! / Find all 10 cell keys!


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