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Egg Emperor
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Egg Emperor
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Final Fortress
Hits to defeat: 150
Fought by: All teams

The Egg Emperor is the final boss of Sonic Heroes' main story, appearing at the end of the fourteenth level, Final Fortress. At last confronting "Eggman" at the core of his vast Eggman Fleet, the heroes find themselves facing this grand-daddy of all Egg Knights, piloted by the villain himself. The Egg Emperor is a jetpack-fitted killing machine in much the same vein as Dr. Robotnik's Giant Mech, but with a speed and viciousness unmatched by the Sonic 2 original. Wielding a huge shield on his left arm & a lance for a right arm, the mecha tears across Final Fortress' outer hull to smash the troublesome heroes.

In a similar style to the Egg Hawk, this boss battle alternates between linear chase segments and set-piece battles in a fixed arena. The action starts with the teams pursuing "Eggman" down a straight gangway, as the scientist sends energy waves from his spear-slashes and volleys of missiles from the launchers on the machine's back. To make matters worse, if you fall too far behind the Emperor comes surging forwards with an unstoppable, un-dodgable charge that will at best knock out all your rings, and at worse catch you while jumping between platforms and send you plummeting to your death.

Dogged pursuit eventually catapults the team up to a level circular platform; the Emperor floats in the centre, sending out yet more munitions and summoning shielded Egg Pawns to contend with (for Team Sonic; though it depends on which team is facing the Egg Emperor such as Team Dark facing E-2000s). Nonetheless, this is the place where he is most vulnerable. High-level Thunder Shoot works well in damaging and briefly stunning the robot to prevent counter-attacks; and of course in Sonic Heroes foes are always vulnerable to a close-proximity Team Blast.



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  • Within the game's files, this boss is oxymoronically known as the King Pawn.
  • In the into to Team Chaotix's version of the fight, Vector says "Hehehe. Looks like we're in a jam, boys!". However, the subtitles read "Hehehe. Looks like we're in jam, boys!".
  • Charmy is the only character to have a line after "Eggman" says "Time to meet your maker!".
  • This boss would make a return in Sonic Generations for the Nintendo 3DS.


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