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Pinball Match
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Pinball Match
2P Ring Race, second level, Sonic Heroes
Location: Casino Park
Level theme: carnival/casino
Non-English names:
  • JP: ピンボールマッチ
Egg Treat | Hot Elevator

Pinball Match is the second stage of the 2-player Ring Race mini-game in Sonic Heroes. Like with the other dedicated stages, players compete to collect the most Rings.


This stage is set in the pinball tables of Casino Park, with both teams playing on their own pinball tables seperate from one another. To start, a team must enter the Cannon on the starting platform to blast onto the pinball table, and use the bumpers and flippers to launch characters up the table and reach the slot machines and drop targets, with the latter awarding 10 Rings when hit three times. The rules of the slot machines are the same as in Casino Park, with more Rings awarded for shooting more characters into them.

Both players must be careful not to lose all of their characters, as doing so will make them lose all the Rings they have won and force them to start over from the starting platform.

This stage has a longer time limit of 120 seconds compared to the other Ring Race stages, due to the nature of the pinball tables.


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