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This is the Sonic Community Hacking Guide for Sonic Heroes.

Most of the information in this guide applies only to the PC version, although some of it can be applied to the console vesions as well.
This page is for information that does not fit into another page and does not warrant its own page.

File Formats

This list is incomplete.

  • .ADX: Music files.
  • .AFS: A container for audio (voice and speech).
  • .ANM: Renderware Animation data. Usually inside ONEs as compressed PRS files.
  • .BIN: Binary data. Can contain different types of data.
  • .BSP: Renderware binary space partitioning data. It contains models for levels. Usually inside ONEs as compressed PRS files.
  • .CL: Collision data. See Collision Format.
  • .DAT: General data container. Format unknown.
  • .DDS: Image format. Usually located inside TXD containers.
  • .DFF: Renderware model format for objects and characters. Usually inside ONEs as compressed PRS files.
  • .DMO: These files apparently contain information for demo playback. Format unknown.
  • .EXE: Executable file. Contains most of the code for the game, plus other data.
  • .ONE: Archive format. Container for many file types, usually compressed PRS files.
  • .PRS: Compression format. Can by any file type.
  • .REL: Relocatable module files. They contain code and other data that is not in the EXE.
  • .SFD: Video format.
  • .SPL: Spline data. Usually contains splines for Special Stages. The format has been documented.
  • .SCR: Script files for events such as cutscenes. Format unknown.
  • .TXC: Unknown file type
  • .TXD: Renderware texture archive. Contains .DDS files.

Binary File Types

  • *_blk.bin: These files contain visibility data. They set which sections and models of the level (loaded from the .ONE file) are visible from each area, allowing the game to increase performance and load decoration which is only visible from certain areas. See Visibility Editing.
  • *_cam.bin: Contains camera data. Format is unknown.
  • *_DB.bin and *_P*.bin: Contains object placement data. See the Object Editing page for more info.
  • *_light.bin: Contains lightning data that is applied to characters. One level can have more than one light type, and different light types can be applied by trigger objects.
  • *_ptcl.bin: Contains information about particles, smoke, glow and other effects. See Particle Editing.


All files required for the game to run (except the EXE and save data) are located inside the dvdroot folder. The name of this folder can be changed by hex editing the EXE.

  • Tsonic_win.exe is the main executable of the PC version.
  • Launcher.exe is the executable which allows you to configure PC only settings, such as resolution and button mapping.
  • dvdroot\ - Most data regarding levels and events is placed in the dvdroot folder.
    • advertise\ - Data regarding main menus is placed in this folder.
      • E\ - Files for English language menus.
      • F\ - Files for French language menus.
      • G\ - Files for German language menus.
      • I\ - Files for Italian language menus.
      • J\ - Files for Japanese language menus.
      • K\ - Files for Korean language menus.
      • S\ - Files for Spanish language menus.
    • bgm\ - ADX music and AFS container is in this folder.
    • collisions\ - .CL files are located here.
    • font\ - Fonts and much of the text of the game are here.
    • movie\ - .SFD files are located here.
    • playmodel\ - Models, textures and animations for all charaters are located here (including Super Sonic and 2P metallic characters)
    • sound\ - .PAC files with sound banks are located here.
    • stgtitle\ - This folder has the loading screen for every level in the game, including an Extra mission and Super Hard mode version for each.
      • mission\ - The text displayed in the loading screen for every mission in every language is located here.
    • text\ - Text for Launcher.exe is contained here, also the Credits text.
    • textures\ - .TXD files for levels and some objects are here. There are many TXDs in other places though, such as inside .ONE archives.

Aside from those files, usually located in \AppData\Roaming\SEGA\SONICHEROES for the user are a sonic_h.ini file which contains data set in Launcher.exe and extensionless SONICHEROES_XX save files, where XX is the save slot number from 00 to 99.


  • .ONE archives can be opened and edited using HeroesONE, by MainMemory.
  • They can also be unpacked and repacked using the command-line based ONE_Unpk and ONE_Pack (info) (77 kB), respectively, created by Lightning.
  • .PRS files can be decompressed using PRSDec Auto, which can be downloaded in the PRS page
  • .TXD archives can be edited using many TXD editors for Renderware games. Magic.TXD fully supports the TXDs for the PC version of Sonic Heroes, and possibly the console versions as well.
  • The structure of .BSP and .DFF files can be viewed using RW Analyze.
  • Some data in the .EXE can be edited using HeroesTweaker by igorseabra4.
  • Object layout .bin files can be edited with Heroes Layout Editor by igorseabra4.
  • The setidtbl.bin file can be edited using Heroes SET ID Table Editor by igorseabra4.
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