Heroes SPL Editor

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Heroes SPL Editor
Supported Games: Sonic Heroes
Credits: igorseabra4

Heroes SPL Editor is an utility to edit the SPL files in Sonic Heroes. It was written by igorseabra4 in C#. The editor converts an existing SPL to OBJ which can be imported in a 3D model editor, and can also convert OBJ splines back to SPL.


Drag SPL files into the executable to convert them to OBJ. Drag OBJ files to convert them to SPL. Opening the executable by double-clicking will perform the action on all files found in the folder (not reccommended; the tool will create SPL files from OBJs and then might try to convert the SPLs it just created back to OBJ!).


The most recent version of Heroes SPL Editor, as well as source code, can be downloaded in its GitHub repository. The Heroes Power Plant download link also includes the SPL Editor for convenience.