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This is a type of data that contains additional parameters for objects that are not used in the layout files like trigger collision box sizes. This does not contain addresses for opcodes to each object.


Address Type Parameter
47A624 Float Gravity rise height
47A628 Word Spin Speed/Glow rotation
47A62C Float Base Size
47A630 Float Glow Size
47A634 Word Glowing Symbol texture coordinate rotation
47A638 Float RGB Brightness (Back)
47A63C Float RGB Brightness (Front)
47A640 Word Fade Speed
47A644 Float Brightness (Light point)
47A648 Float Brightness (Dark point)
47A680 Float Trigger Collision Size #1
47A684 Float Trigger Collision Size #2
47A6AC Float Collision Size (Minimum)
47A6B4 Float Collision Size (Maximum)


Address Type Parameter
47AA0C Float Lower collision (Width)
47AA10 Float Lower collision (Height)
47AA14 Float Lower collision (Length)
47AA18 Float Base collision (Width)
47AA1C Float Base collision (Height)
47AA20 Float Base collision (Length)
47AA40 Float Lower collision (Width)
47AA44 Float Lower collision (Height)
47AA48 Float Lower collision (Length)
47AA4C Float Base collision (Width)
47AA50 Float Base collision (Height)
47AA54 Float Base collision (Length)