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This is the Sonic Community Hacking Guide for Shadow the Hedgehog.

File Formats

  • .ONEs: the .one files are packages used to hold the textures and individual models. The header lists the one version compressor format, which is "One Ver 0.60" All the .one files all packages that keep textures and models packaged within them.
  • .BSPs: Inside the multiple .ONE files in the stg0xxx directories are .PRS files, which contain .BSP files; these contain the level geometry. It seems that the level geometry is stored in numerous .ONE files for each level, except for the test levels.
  • .XNCPs: As far as I know, .XNCP files are used to create actions or animations.
  • .TXDs: The usual texture pack. They are a different format from Sonic Heroes. All of the textures are kept in this pack.
  • .FOGs: I'm actually not sure on what these are. I'm assuming create a fog. A .FOG file is usually in each of the stage folders and don't have much in them. Only 1 line has something on it, but even then it's not even full.
  • AudioData .BINs: These keep sound effects for what they may correspond to, such as stages or boss battles.
  • .PACs: SFX / voice packs (Thanks to Neo Chaotikal)
  • .SFDs: CG scenes/cutscenes.
  • .AFSs: Packages to store something, in this case it's voices for the characters.
  • .ADXs: Sound such as music or voices.
  • .MET: Fonts.
  • .BIN: Binary files. Files containing "light"in their name are lighting-data for models on the stage; near-identical to the *light.bin files used in Sonic Heroes.


  • character: Where character .ONE files are kept.
  • common: This directory holds generic misc. data such as Weapon Resources and Len Flares.
  • csdFiles: This is where things to make up the little details of the game, such as HUDs, Loading Screens, 2P Results.
  • discError: Where discerror .TXDs are kept.
  • enemy: Where enemies' and boss' .ONES are kept.
  • event: Where events, such as cutscene actions are kept. Seems to use .ONEs and .SCRs file formats.
  • fonts: Where text/fonts are kept.
  • sound: Where Audio Data and Sound Effects are kept.
  • stafroll: Where the .SRD and the .TXD file that make up the credits/staff roll are kept.
  • stg0xxx (stg0005 to stg0911): These are where the files that make up the stages in SHTH are kept. Usually contain .TXD files, .ONE files (which contain .PRS files, which contain .BSP and .TXD files) and .DAT files which in the stage's case make up camera data, however, some have .FOG files.
  • Root Directory: where music and other voices are kept. Also where CG cutscenes are kept.


  • Game Extractor: Can be used to extract .ONE files from Shadow the Hedgehog. Other .ONE extractor do not work. Download here:


  • Zeck - File formats and Directories.

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