The Last Way

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The Last Way
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The Last Way
Last Story stage, Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Location: Black Comet
Level theme: underground/cave
Boss: Devil Doom
Prerequisite: Unlock all 10 standard endings

The Last Way is the Last Story's stage in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is accessed by obtaining all ten of the regular endings. The stage can not be played from the stage select menu. Players must either select the "Last Story" option from the story menu, or play through the "Expert Mode". The level sees Shadow race through the Black Comet in pursuit of Black Doom, determined to defeat the alien overlord as he prepares for the final conquest of Sonic's world.


Black Doom has installed the Black Comet on the surface of the planet, and released a paralyzing nerve gas that incapacitates the heroes and Dr. Eggman. Shadow, however, conjures up reserves of willpower (and perhaps a Black Arms derived resistance) to overcome the effects and pursue the alien overlord. However, at the end of the level, Doom reveals that Shadow is directly grown from his blood - a revelation which floors the Ultimate Lifeform when he reaches the alien's inner sanctum.

All hope seems lost until Team Chaotix - hacking into the computer room on the Space Colony ARK - accidentally trigger a recording from Professor Gerald, which plays across the world. Gerald reveals that he always suspected the Black Arms would betray him, and planned for the eventuality: Shadow must activate the Eclipse Cannon and destroy their comet. Freshly galvanised by this new transmission from his maker, Shadow uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Shadow, and flies off to confront Devil Doom outside the grounded Comet.


The only enemies present are the Black Arms. Certain parts of the stage can not be passed without using Chaos Control. To help the player, there are infinite enemies present in these areas. The scenery can still be destroyed to build up the Dark Gauge. The Last Way is the only stage in the game that has no companion characters, as it contains only one mission, and is one of two levels that a Rank is not awarded for (the other being the subsequent boss). Finding the five keys opens a door that contains a shortcut to the near end of the stage.


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