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This is the Sonic Community Hacking Guide for the Retro Engine version of Sonic the Hedgehog CD (2011).

Hacking tools


Retrun is an unpacking/packing tool written by nextvolume, it is compatible with all Retro Engine RSDK files (at the current time) and is capable of packing, unpacking, and listing files within a RSDK file.

The download includes an exe but also source files to compile for Windows or Linux


TaxEd is a Retro Engine based animation and level editor, compatible with the ani files for animation and the bin files for levels and written by nextvolume

Currently it's distributed as a java executable with the source files included but at the current moment doesn't appear to support high DPI screens

File formats

Audio formats


The SoundFX files are encoded using PCM unsigned 8-bit in a wav container using a 352 kb/s bitrate and can easily be played with any audio player.


All of the music is contained within vorbis ogg files an have the following codec information:

Channel sound: Stereo, Sample rate: 44100 Hz, Bitrate: 80 kb/s, Encoder: Sound Studio 3

Video formats

The videos use an ogv container with the following codec information:

Audio: Codec: vorbis, Sample rate: 4800 Hz, Channel sound: Stereo, Bitrate: 128 kb/s

Video: Codec: theora, Resolution: 640x368, Framerate: 30 Color profile: yuv420p

Graphics formats

Sprites are in a gif format with the size of each sprite sheet being a multiple of 256 pixels for the length and/or height (e.g. 256x512)


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