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ROM editing

Offset Description
$10000 Main Tails Sprite Graphics
$392AB Sega Palette
$392CB ?????
$392EB ?????
$3930B Tails Palette
$3932B ?????
$3934B ?????
$3936B Poloy Forest Palette
$3938B Caron Forest Palette
$393AB Volcanic Tunnel Palette
$393CB Mt Polly 1 Palette
$393EB Mt Polly 2 (dark) Palette
$3940B Mt Polly 2 Palette
$3942B Lake Rocky 1 Palette
$3944B Lake Rocky 2 Palette
$3946B Lake Rocky 3 Palette
$3948B Lake Rocky 4 Palette
$394AB Lake Crystal Palette
$394CB ?????
$394EB ?????
$3950B Green Island Palette
$3952B Cavern Island Palette
$3954B Cavern Island Boss Palette
$3956B Coco Island Palette
$3958B Battle Fortress Palette
$395AB Battle Fortress 2 Palette
$395CB Title Screen Palette
$395EB ?????
$3960B Map Palette
$3962B Map Palette 2 (Fortress/Coco Island)
$3964B ?????
$3966B ?????
$3968B ?????
$396AB ?????
$396CB ?????
$396EB House Palette
$3970B Robot Change Palette
$3972B Credits Palette
$3974B ?????
$3976B Cavern Island Boss Tails Palette
$3978B Coco Island Boss Tails Palette
$397AB House Dock Palette
$39CAC Flames/Lava Auto Palette

(Mt Polly 2/Volcanic Tunnel)

$39CCC Lake Rocky Auto Palette
$39F58 Lake Rocky Auto Palette 2
$39F5C Cavern Island Auto Palette
$39F6C Poloy Forest Auto Palette
$39F7E Map Auto Palette

RAM editing

Offset Description
$1020 Currently Equipped Items (copy used only for Equipment Screen)
$1024 Currently Equipped Items (see Item IDs)
$1028 Currently Equipped Sea Tail Items
$1030 Collected Item Status Page 1 (see Item Collection)
$1031 Collected Item Status Page 2
$1032 Collected Item Status Page 3
$1033 Collected Sea Tail Item Status


Item IDs

ID Item
$00 None
$01 Regular Bomb
$02 Large Bomb
$03 Remote Bomb
$04 Napalm Bomb
$05 Triple Bomb
$06 Wrench
$07 Helmet
$08 Item Radar
$09 Radio
$0A Hammer
$0B Teleport Device
$0C Night Vision
$0D Speed Boots
$0E Super Glove
$0F Fang
$10 Knuckles
$11 Sonic
$12 Proton Torpedo
$13 Vulcan Gun
$14 Extra Speed
$15 Extra Armor
$16 Anti-Air Missile
$17 Spark
$18 Mine
$19 Rocket Booster
$1A Remote Robot

Item Collection

Each bit corresponds to one item on the page as follows:

[7] [6] [5] [4]

[3] [2] [1] [0]


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