Caron Forest

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Caron Forest
Caron Forest
Seventh level, Tails Adventures
Location: Cocoa Island
Level theme: jungle
Non-English names:
Green Island | Lake Crystal

Caron Forest is a level in Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear. By the time the player has access to this level, the stage numbering in the game gets a bit indistinct, as once Tails finds the Napalm Bomb in Cavern Island, he can gain access to all the goodies in both Caron Forest and Green Island. Unlike many levels in Tails Adventures, Caron Forest is not one that the player will have to keep coming back to as new items open up new routes; Tails can clean out the area on the first visit.


Accessible by using the Napalm Bomb to burn through the thick foliage in Poloy Forest, Caron Forest is much the same kind of woodland as Poloy Forest before it got burned (to the extent, in fact, that Caron Forest uses the same tileset as Poloy Forest, just with a static green background rather than a scrolling, fiery one). This patch of largely unspoiled greenery in Cocoa Island's northwest hosts only a token force of Battle Kukku enemies.

There are plenty of puzzle-like routes to take through this stage, requiring clever maneuvering of both Tails and the Remote Robot. Strong winds blowing though underground caves require the fox to trust in his jumping skills while crossing bottomless pits.


Items to pick up in Caron Forest include:

TailsAdventures GG Sprite Items.png
Blue Chaos Emerald — From the passageway leading to the second area, fly up to the top left and cross the long log bridge to reach it.
TailsAdventures GG Sprite Items.png
Triple Bomb — After collecting the above item, bomb the floor, then drop down and proceed to the right. It is hidden behind a wall Tails can pass through beyond a Spring.
TailsAdventures GG Sprite Items.png
Proton Torpedo — In the top-right of the second area. Have the Remote Robot push a Spring to help Tails reach it, and bomb the path open for the Remote Robot to reach it.
TailsAdventures GG Sprite Items.png
Sonic — Surrounded by destructible blocks in the second area. Reach the blocks from the underground caverns below to reach it.


TailsAdventures GG Sprite MechKukku1.png
Combat Hover Pod — Kukkus in floating hovercraft that attack with flamethrowers.
TailsAdventures GG Sprite MechKukku2.png
Combat Walker — Kukkus in ground-based mechs that attack by shooting projectiles.

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