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Elite Kukku snipers in the Coco Island base
A robotic bat deployed by the Kukku Army under the Polly Mountains

The Battle Kukku Army[1] are an imperialistic avian society, functioning as the antagonists during Tails' second solo outing, Tails Adventures. The birds invade Cocoa Island searching for the Chaos Emeralds, and Tails finds himself the only thing standing in the way of their diabolical plans.

The Battle Kukkus field a very well-provisioned expeditionary army for the assault on Cocoa Island. On top of artificial islands, mecha tanks, anti-submarine cruisers, and flamethrower-wielding AT-ATs, the empire's conventional forces include any number of uniformed bird soldiers, as well as intelligent robot drones and advanced machinery. After their Battle Fortress collapses into the sea at the end of the game, the Kukku's invasion plans are thwarted; the birds have never been seen or heard from again.

Notable members

  • Great Battle Kukku 15th, the dictator-like leader of the army. He is larger than most Kukkus, and is the final boss of the game, faced at the end of Battle Fortress 2. He fights by scattering bombs all around him and throwing Tails himself if the fox gets too close.
  • Battle Kukku 16th, aka "Speedy", is the son of Grand Battle Kukku 15th. Speedy is a quick green Kukku who, despite his natural aerial agility, sometimes wears armor equipped with an energy gun and a jet engine that lets him take even faster flight. He appears as a boss twice during the game, first on Polly Mountain 1 and then in the Battle Fortress just before Tails faces his father.
  • Dr. Fukurokov, the army's main scientist. The boss of Coco Island, Fukurokov does not actually fight, as he instead lets his defensive machinery take care of Tails. His tendency to overlook little details is his greatest weakness - specifically, overlooking the large boulder balanced precariously above his head.

Archie comics

Until 2010, the Kukkus had not appeared in any other Sonic media as a whole bar Tails Adventure, besides a few cryptic references to the "Battle Bird Armada" in the Archie comics. A seemingly canceled storyline would have introduced the Battle Kukku Army as villains in an issue following #134[2]. However, the Kukkus finally showed up in a 15-year-late Tails Adventure adaptation starting in Sonic Universe 17, and in a second story arc starting in Sonic Universe 33.

In this universe, the Battle Bird Armada are the decedents of the ancient Babylonians. The Babylon Rogues and Bean the Dynamite were formerly members of the armada who left. Now the Battle Bird Armada and the Babylon Rogues are enemies. Both trying to discover the secrets of their ancestors.

Following the Super Genesis Wave at the end of Worlds Collide, the Battle Bird Armada became affiliated with the Eggman Empire by means of the Great Battle Kukku 15th becoming one of Dr. Eggman's Egg Bosses.


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