Doctor Fukurokov

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Doctor Fukurokov
Game: Tails Adventures
Level: Coco Island
Hits to defeat: 1

Only the second character in the Sonic series to have a PhD, Doctor Fukurokov is the boss of Tails Adventures' Coco Island, and one of the game's major antagonists; an elderly owl with a peculiar waddling gait and an immense beard. Apparently functioning as some sort of scientist for the Battle Kukku Empire, Fukurokov is encountered in the very core of the invading bird's artificial islet.

No sooner does Tails stroll into the boss area then Fukurokov knocks the floor out from under him, sending the kit tumbling into a pit filled with conveyors, spikes, and lasers. The owl is not a boss fought head-on; Tails has to blast a way out of the hole just large enough to sneak the Remote Robot through. Flying up crawlspaces and ventilation chutes, the mecha Tails can walk its way back to Fukurokov's platform and push a conveniently placed boulder right onto the elderly owl's head. Ouch.

Following Fukurokov's defeat and Tails' escape in the Sea Fox, Coco Island rises up out of the sea to reveal the Kukku's true stronghold, the far more impressive Battle Fortress.

"Fukurou" is the Japanese word for "owl".


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