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This is the Sonic Community Hacking Guide for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

SCHG: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
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You must use XBOX 360 ISO Extraxt to unpack or repack the .iso.

.ARC UnPack/RePack

To UnPack: Simply drag and drop an .arc file onto arctool.exe, and it will unpack its contents into a folder with the same name as the original .arc file.

To RePack: Run a command prompt and type "arctool.exe -i "nameoffolder" "nameofarc.arc"" without quotes.

For example: C:\Users\User\Desktop\arctool.exe -i player player.arc. ("player" being the folder and "player.arc" being the name of the file after packing.)

Make sure that arctool.exe is in the same location as the folder that you'd like to repack or else the above method won't repack.

.LUB Decompilation

  • 1. Place ChunkSpy.exe into the xenon folder.
  • 2. Create a text file there with the following code:
for /r %%i in (*.lub) do (
  chunkspy "%%~dpni.lub" > "%%~dpni.lua"
  • 3. Rename the file extension to .bat and run it.

File Formats (contains speculation)

  • .arc: Archives that can be unpacked and packed with arctool.exe
  • .csb: Archives which contain many .aif sound files.
  • .lub: Compiled .lua scripts. These can be decompiled using Chunkspy.exe and a batch script. You may not need to recompile them for the game to work.
  • .ftm: Font maps
  • .kbf: Mission files
  • .mab: Event and miscellaneous character files. References .dds and .xnv particle files.
  • .mst: Message/subtitle files
  • .path: Scripted path files
  • .pfi: Text-related files
  • .prop: Contains level variables and actions
  • .xncp: Sprite and menu files
  • .xnd: Camera files


  • Eventplaybook.epb seems to control all of the cutscenes in this game.
  • .sbk: Groups .xma files and also calls them by their original .adx extensions
  • .wmv: Video files
  • .xma: Music and voice files. Here is a link to the audio converter.


  • .fxo: DirectX Shader files
    • There are only two material files in this game that can be opened in notepad. They are en_Kyozoress.xtv and en_Kyozoress.xto. Kyozoress is a small enemy that Shadow fights along with Mephiles.
  • .hkx: Havok physics behavior files. This game uses Havok-3.3.0-b2.
  • .pkg: File indexes (groups .fxo, .lua, .dds, .plc, .xnf, .xno, .xni, .xnm, and .xnv files for objects)
  • .set: Object/effect placement files
  • .xne: Applies .fxo files to some objects
  • .xng: Only used for a cage model file
  • .xnm: Animation files
    • .mbi: Motion Base Information Files. These files contain morph data. They can be opened in notepad.
    • One file, kn_glide_l_Root.xtm, can be opened in notepad, and it contains gliding animation data for Knuckles.
  • .xna: Contains various data for switches, breakable objects, and NPCs.
  • .xno: Model files. Here is a link to the model converter. (3DS Max is required)
    • .bin: Collision data
      • .rab: Related to the .bin files
    • .dds: Texture files
    • .tev: Used in breakable objects. Refrences .xnm files.

Special Effects

  • .ptb: References .dds particle textures. Possibly tells which particle effects to load on each area, character, or event.
  • .peb: Particle effect files
    • .plc: Particle effect loaders
  • .xni: Light particles
  • .xnv: Special effect generation files (particle/xno_model/ef_cylinder001_a_x_03m.xnv)



  • \archives: Where most character, enemy, and level .arc files are kept.
    • stage_e0003: Elise's prison cell at Dusty Desert
    • stage_e0009: Eggman's time machine sends Sonic to the future.
    • stage_e0010: Eggman's time machine in the future
    • stage_e0012: Crisis City computer room with Sonic and company
    • stage_e0021: The Egg Carrier invades Soleanna.
    • stage_e0022: Elise is held captive in the Egg Carrier.
    • stage_e0023: Scene where Silver teams up with Sonic at Kingdom Valley
    • stage_e0026: Silver helps Sonic travel to the past.
    • stage_e0028: Sonic hops aboard the Egg Carrier at Aquatic Base.
    • stage_e0031: Elise is captured after the festival in Sonic's story.
    • stage_e0104: Scene where Mephiles is revived through Shadow.
    • stage_e0105: Mephiles takes Shadow and Rouge to this area in Crisis City.
    • stage_e0106: Crisis City computer room with Shadow and Rouge
    • stage_e0120: Shadow in Eggman's train
    • stage_e0125: Shadow and Silver give Elise the scepter in Shadow's story.
    • stage_e0206: Scene where Silver meets Amy at Soleanna
    • stage_e0214: Amy at Eggman's base in White Acropolis
    • stage_e0216: Scene where Elise is captured at her castle in Silver's story.
    • stage_e0221: Scene where the Duke of Soleanna gives Elise to Silver
    • stage_e0304: Soleanna at the End of the World
    • stage_kdv_d: Kingdom Valley "Mach speed" section
    • stage_rct_b: Radical Train "Mach speed" section
    • stage_tpj_c: Tropical Jungle Siver/Rouge/final section
    • stage_twn_a: Soleanna Castle Town
    • stage_twn_b: Soleanna New City
    • stage_twn_c: Soleanna Forest
    • stage_twn_d: Soleanna Circuit
    • stage_wap_b: White Acropolis second/final section
    • stage_wvo_a: Wave Ocean
    • stage_wvo_b: Wave Ocean "Mach Speed" section


  • archives: Where some other .arc files are kept. All of the .lub scripts can be found here.
    • Stage: Contains stage collision data
    • Player: Contains the code for all of the characters
    • Sound: Contains sound effects
  • event: Where the cut scene videos and voice files are kept. Pre-rendered cut scenes are in .wmv, while other cut scenes have .xma files.
  • sound: Music files and credits videos
    • event: Cutscene music
    • voice
      • e: English voice files
      • j: Japanese voice files


  • In many of the player .lua files, there is a parameter called "input_method_mario64"
  • The menu files from the TGS demo are at win32\archives\sprite\win32\sprite\gameshow.
  • The Kingdom Valley TGS demo files are located at xenon\archives\scripts\xenon\placement\other\gameshow.


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