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These files are the time trial recordings of the staff. The file format is unknown, but it seems to be a modified version of the gzip/deflate compressor (deflate 1.2.1 Copyright 1995-2003 Jean-loup Gailly; can be seen at Offset 0x2c5de1 / 0xa00b47 in the main .exe)


The movies are encoded in CRI Movie 1 or 2


All shaders are in High Level Shading Language (a code language for writing effects for DirectX applications) written text-files


I wrote a small utility in Visual Basic which looked for the RIFF WAVE chunks and used them to split the big file, that's it. The resulting files are valid files which can be played in your media player of choice.

As for the xwma files, I found an xwma to wav converter on the internet, I even included it with one of the downloads. I didn't keep it though, and Rapidshare fucked up with my account so I don't know if it's there anymore. The link used to be this: When it used to work, it contained all the songs in xwma format and the xwma to wav converter.


Sonic Retro

Nineko discovered, that the file just contains RIFF files (raw wavs) and XMLs, which can be easily splitted with the tool that he added to the download.

The files were encoded with Microsofts DirectX SDK (speeches and sfx into ADPCM, songs and jingles in xWMA), which also includes the necessary decoders.

For adjustment, Audio.xpacs included XML files contain parameters, which controll the way the songs are processed.



0x0 / 0x1c5bfff - 0x243 / 0x1c5bfff (File pointers?)


0x800 / 0x1c5bfff - 0x591a / 0x1c5bfff (First SSRT Container [Archivement pictures])


Second SSRT Container [AI Behaviours?]


Thirt SSRT Container [Gadget Weights]


Fourth SSRT Container [Item Data?]


Fifth SSRT Container [Item Data!]


Sixth SSRT Container [Mission Parameters]


Seventh SSRT Container [other Mission stuff]


SSRT Archive 1 (Archivement pictures)


The files are headerless *.tga pictures. They appear in the combination DATA | Identifer.

Example: whatisthisidontevenknowwtfboomTHISISANSTUPIDFILENAME

At the end of the SSRT is a list of the files. Each filename is listed with an unique Identifer for the file and an variable for the archivement.

Example: THISISANSTUPIDFILENAME TROP_DESC_2 Stupid TROP_NAME_2 this_is_a_stupid_file.tga

So the file with the ending THISISANSTUPIDFILENAME is the 2nd archivement and has the name this_is_a_stupid_file.tga


At 0060b64c (Offset: 0x60b650 / 0x1c5bfff) the mission parameters starts.

Score type

The real usage of the variable is unknown. By editing it, the type of scoring can be partially changed. Also it can give the players a certain weapon (like the punching glove). In some cases the changing can make a mission uncompletable (as an example the eliminator-missions: normally it ends ends when the player survived all rounds or gets disqualifised. A change of kScoreType can force the time counter to be set on 000. Because the counter can't elapse, the mission goes endless) or force the game to crash.

Value The missions in which they're normaly used
kScoreType_RevengeControll Revenge the enemies
kScoreType_CollectUniversal Collect stuff
kScoreType_RaceDistance Try to be faster than the enemy
kScoreType_DriftSeconds Drift the whole track along
kScoreType_Eliminator Survive as long as possible
kScoreType_HitItems Destroy as much objects as possible
kScoreType_BoostSeconds Use the boost as much as possible
kScoreType_GrandPrix Win the cup
kScoreType_TimeGates Finish the stage
kScoreType_AvoidItems Destroy as less objects as possible
kScoreType_BattleRace Beat the enemy
kScoreType_Gates Drive trough all gates, before the time elapses
kScoreType_BossBattle Beat the boss
kScoreType_CaptureTheFlag Capture the flag
kScoreType_BattleArena Beat the enemy
kScoreType_Grab Grab the enemies
kScoreType_KingOfTheHill Win the large cup
kScoreType_TimeAttack Finish the race in time
kScoreType_ZoneContest Win the zone contest
kScoreType_Survival Survive the enemy
kScoreType_JumpToScore Do jumps or stunts to score
kScoreType_Demolition Destroy the capsules
kScoreType_Tutorial Tutorial

This variable determines the track you're going to play in the mission.

Value Track
seasidehill_easy Strandparadies - Wallagune

Seaside Hill - Whale Lagoon

seasidehill_medium Strandparadies - Meeresruine

Seaside Hill - Ocean Ruin

seasidehill_hard Strandparadies - Verlorener Palast

Seaside Hill - Lost Palace

seasidehill_arena Strandparadies - Strandparadies Platz

Seaside Hill - Seaside Hill Place

samba_easy Karnevalland - Sonnenscheintour

Carnivaland - Sunshine Tour

samba_medium Samba Di Jeanero -


samba_hard Samba Di Jeanero -


samba_arena Samba Di Jeanero -


billyhatcher_easy Schneeburg - Eiszapfental

Blizzard Castle - Icicle Valley

houseofthedead_easy Curien_Mansion
houseofthedead_medium Curien_Mansion
houseofthedead_hard Curien_Mansion
houseofthedead_arena Curien_Mansion
finalfortress_easy Finale Festung -

Final Fortress -

finalfortress_medium Finale Festung -

Final Fortress -

finalfortress_hard Finale Festung -

Final Fortress -

finalfortress_arena Finale Festung -

Final Fortress -

jetsetradio_easy Tokyo-to -

Tokyo-to -

jetsetradio_medium Tokyo-to -

Tokyo-to -

jetsetradio_hard Tokyo-to -

Tokyo-to -

jetsetradio_arena Tokyo-to -

Tokyo-to -

casinopark_easy Casino Park - Roulette-Route

Casino Park - Roulette Road

casionpark_medium Casino Park -

Casino Park -

casinopark_hard Casino Park -

Casino Park -

casinopark_arena Casino Park -

Casino Park -

Changing the Track

Mission One is

Mission_01 GS_Rival_Mission1 Mission_01_RivalRace l_Baddies soniccar amy MISSION_Start_Line MISSION_End_Line seasidehill_easy l_Hazards sonicrival MISSION_01

You can easily detect tracks by their suffix "_(difficulty)" or "_arena". In this example the easy course of Seaside Hill is the choosen track. You can replace it with every track as long as at least one empty bit (00; ".") is between it and the next variable.

16 letters + 4 spaces = 19 letters avaiable (one needed as seperator) original

casinopark_hard (15 letters + 4 spaces) works

houseofthedead_arena (20 letters) don't work


1 vs 1

Mission One is

Mission_01 GS_Rival_Mission1 Mission_01_RivalRace l_Baddies soniccar amy MISSION_Start_Line MISSION_End_Line seasidehill_easy l_Hazards sonicrival MISSION_01

The first listed characters are the players enemies, while the last character is the players one. In this example soniccar (Sonic) is the players character.

You can edit those characters as long as there is one empty bit (00; ".") between both and the character length between both isn't extended.

8 letters + 4 spaces + 3 letters = 15 symbols [Sonic (soniccar)] original

6 letters + 6 spaces + 3 letters = 15 symbols [Shadow (shadow)] works

14 letters + 11 letters = 25 letters [Zobio and Zobikio (houseofthedead) and Ryo (ryoforklift)] doesn't work, because it's too long

Multiple Enemies

Mission Three is kScoreType_Eliminator Mission_03 GS_Knockout_Easy Mission_03_Knockout samba aiai bigthecat tails bdjoe amy knuckles billyhatcher_easy l_Gadgets MISSION_03

In this mission are multiple enemies. Unlike the spacer between Enemy|Player (00; "."), the enemies are separated with a simple space (20; " "). To drain the number of characters you can simply delete one and add the number of removed bits as empty bits at the end of the enemy list.

5 letters + 1 space (enemy seperator) + 3 letters + 4 spaces (normal seperator) [B D Joe] original

5 letters + 1 space (enemy seperator) + 4 spaces (normal seperator)

count 3; enemy seperator not needed -> count 4

5 letters + 4+4 spaces (normal seperator)

As long as there is space new enemies can be added too.

3 letters + 1 space (enemy seperator) + 3 letters + 6 spaces (normal seperator)

3 letters + 1 space (enemy seperator) + 3 letters + 1 space (enemy seperator) + 3 letters + 2 spaces (normal seperator)

Multiple characters controlled by the player will work

Bugs in characters

Mii and Avatar normally load the players profile information to update the characters parts. Because this is impossible on the PC, these parts won't be loaded (the Miis head and Avatars complete body)

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.exe

Command line parameters

NOTICE: These parameters are blocked by the game

Command Value
-autoheapdump 0=off


-quickstart 0=off


-miss_unlock x=Unlocks mission 1 to X
-unlock 1=all

2=racers 3=racks 4=missions 5=extras

-no_ai_racers 0=off


-reset_status 0=off


-audio_debug 0=off


-30hz 0=off


-coleventofflne 0=off



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