Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing/Changelog

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iOS: 1.9.0

Japanese Language Support

iOS: 1.8

★★★★★ - The Monkey Cup Update! 

★ New Grand Prix! Monkey Cup ★ 
★ Three New Tracks: ★ 
Ocean Ruin 
Bingo Party 
Monkey Target 
★ New Character! Ulala ★ 

-Improvements to the stability of the game. Most of the crashes that users have experienced in recent builds are due to the large memory footprint of the game. We have made tremendous optimizations in this build (while still adding more content) that will fix the issue for most users. 

iOS: 1.2

★★ The Knuckles & Shadow Update ★★
Two New Characters – Knuckles and Shadow!
One New Track!
Airplay-Out Mode!
HDMI-Out Mode!
iCloud Progress Saving!
Character Faces on the Minimap!
Game Center Profile Pics on the Minimap in Multiplayer!
And lots of other improvements and bug fixes!

Crashing? Running Slowly? Please reset your device. This will clear the memory and resolve the problem

iOS: 1.01

•Improved Framerate
•Whale in Whale Lagoon/Tutorial now shows up correctly for iPhone 3G/2nd Gen iPod Touch
•Optimizations for iPhone 3G/2nd Gen iPod Touch
•Bug Fixes