Rail Canyon (program)

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Rail Canyon is a level editor for Sonic Heroes, written by DeadlyFugu using C# and SharpDX. it requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 and DirectX 11 to run. it intergrates editors for various types of files with 3D view of the stage. It was named after Rail Canyon. The program was built with creating stages for the Reloaded Mod Loader in mind. It uses the HeroesONE-Reloaded library for opening and saving ONE archives

The editors include:

  • Model editor for BSP files contained in ONE archives (Heroes and Shadow)
  • Visibility editor for *_blk.bin files
  • Shadow Collision Editor for Shadow the Hedgehog’s collision BSP files contained in ONE archives
  • Collision editor for viewing and generating CL files
  • Layout editor (Heroes and Shadow)
  • Camera editor
  • Particle editor
  • Texture Pattern editor
  • SET ID Table editor
  • Editors for start, ending and multiplayer bragging positsions and a spline editor

The start position and spline editors do not edit the game’s executable; instead they generate files intened to be used with the Generic Stage Injection Mod, a Reloaded Mod Loader mod whic is is included in the download package.


You can download the latest compile here. The package includes Rail Canyon, the Reloaded Generic Stage Injection Mod Heroes SPL Editor for .SPL files and a maxscript for importing OBJ with vertex colors to 3ds Max.