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Egg Albatross
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Egg Albatross
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Bullet Station

The Egg Albatross is the second boss machine of Sonic Heroes, appearing at the close of the eighth level, Bullet Station. "Eggman" is loading armaments and supplies (amongst them, Shadow Androids) onto the Eggman Fleet from his Rail Canyon base, preparing to launch and go conquer the world. The hero teams arrive just in time to see him personally supervising a shipment of weapons in this gun-toting blimp.

Composed of a large, propeller-driven dirigible with an Egg Pawn manned basket, the zeppelin sprays machine-gun fire at the heroes as well as spiked bombs from its cannons. Similar to the Egg Hawk boss fight (a machine which, in fact, this boss incorporates), the Egg Albatross is battled on a gently curving track, although here there are two parallel walkways which the zeppelin drifts over and between. The characters have to grind on rails at the end of platform sections to switch from right to left.

On taking enough damage, the undersection will detach from the balloon and plummet into the canyon. Now the heroes can attack the Albatross' main propeller. Once this is destroyed, "Eggman" separates the Egg Hawk from the top of the balloon and attacks as in the first boss. Repeat Homing Attacks will send him packing just like before.



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