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Mad Express
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Mad Express
2P Quick Race, second stage, Sonic Heroes
Location: Bullet Station
Level theme: industrial
Maximum rings: 40
Non-English names:
  • JP: マッドエキスプレス
Road Rock | Terror Hall

Mad Express is the second stage of the 2-player Quick Race mini-game in Sonic Heroes. Like with the other dedicated stages, players race to reach the Goal Ring in the center of the stage.


The entirety of this stage is set in the high-speed underground railways of Bullet Station. This stage is more involved out of the three Quick Race stages in that players will need to use all three team formations to reach the goal. Care must be taken not to fall off the trains as doing so will send a player back to the beginning.

The first real obstacle that follows after a shielded Egg Pawn is a rail to the next car that the players must grind across, then take out the Klagen on the other side and use the Fly Type character to fly over the lasers. After taking out another Egg Pawn, the Fly Type character must hit the Target Switch to activate a pole to swing to the next car using the Tornado Jump.

After breaking a stack of steel containers, the players must carefully jump onto a rotating panel and cross the gap by either using the Triangle Jump or the Fly Type character to cross the gap, then fly over another laser wall and grind the rail to the Goal Ring.

There are 20 Rings to collect for both teams, for a maximum of 40.


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