Sonic Heroes (Xbox E3 version)

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SonicHeroesE3Demo Xbox Title.png
Sonic Heroes (Xbox E3 version)
Prerelease of: Sonic Heroes
System: Xbox
Build date: 2003-05-09
Source: Xbox HDD
Found by: Solly

Sonic Heroes E3 version is a prototype build of Sonic Heroes for the Xbox. It was the first public demo of the game, displayed during E3 2003 alongside a GameCube version of the demo.


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General Differences

  • The title screen is very different from final.
  • The loading screen with the 3 rings is used throughout the demo and is even used in place of the Title Cards.
  • Only team Sonic is available, and a mere two stages (Seaside Hill and Rail Canyon) are playable.
  • There are subtle differences in the object layout placed in each level.
  • There are no level ups.
  • When passing a checkpoint you'll receive an item. For example, if you pass the gate with Sonic, you'll get Speed Boots. If you pass with Knuckles you'll get a shield.
  • There is no spoken dialogue and the hints given are simply text with a blue backdrop.
  • The camera for the end level cutscene goes all wonky at the end of the level, panning away from Team Sonic.
  • After beating the level a "Coming Soon" screen appears and then the game resets.



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