Terror Hall

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Terror Hall
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Terror Hall
2P Quick Race, third level, Sonic Heroes
Location: Mystic Mansion
Level theme: spooky/supernatural
Maximum rings: 16
Non-English names:
  • JP: テラーホール
Mad Express

Terror Hall is the third stage of the 2-player Quick Race mini-game in Sonic Heroes. Like with the other dedicated stages, players race to reach the Goal Ring in the center of the stage.


This stage is set in the haunted rooms of Mystic Mansion, and is primarily a short gauntlet of enemies that must be destroyed in order to progress. In the first room is a lone Egg Magician that must be defeated in order to open the doors to the next room, which holds an Egg Hammer that the players must defeat to activate the fan in the floor, allowing them to proceed using Triangle Dive/Umbrella Descent/Bubblegum Descent. At the top of the room is a staircase guarded by a single Egg Pawn that leads to the Goal Ring and a Pumpkin ghost.

There are only eight Rings provided in the first room for both teams, for a maximum of sixteen.


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