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The following are a list of advertisements used during the promotion of the multiplatform game Sonic Heroes.

Print advertisements

United States

GamePro US 184.pdfGamePro US 184.pdf

Print advert in

GamePro (US) #184: "xxxx xxxx" (xxxx-xx-xx)


Sh JapanAdvertisement.jpg

It's Time For Some New Heroes

A U.S. developed campaign, contrasting "old" superheroes with Sonic the Hedgehog.

The standard version.
A clean version without game screenshots.

A Tough Team For A Tough Job

A PlayStation 2-specific advertisement for Sonic's first game on the system. The add gives the members of Team Sonic one-off nicknames, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles being called "The guv'nor," "The Chopper" and "The Enforcer" respectively.

Sh USAAdvertisement2.jpg

Sears Promotion

Similar to the above advertisement, but with a five dollar coupon if you purchase the game at the retailer Sears.

Sh Sears.jpg

EB Games Promotion

An advertisement for Sonic Heroes with a trade-in tie-in offer through the game retailer EB Games.

Sh ElectronicsBoutiqueAdvertisement.jpg

Game Promotion

An advertisement for a playable demo of Sonic Heroes if you put down a deposit at U.K. game retailer Game.

Sh Game flyer.jpg
Sh Game flyer2.jpg

Tokyo Game Show Flyer

A flyer distributed to attendees of the Tokyo Game Show

Sh TokyoGameShow flyer.jpg

Korean Advertisement

A Korean print ad for Sonic Heroes

Heroes ps2 korean ad.jpg

Renderware Congratulations

A congratulations to Sonic Team from Renderware on another great game.

Sh Renderware.jpg



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