Grand Metropolis

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Grand Metropolis
Third level, Sonic Heroes
Level theme: urban
Secondary level theme: industrial

Grand Metropolis is the third level of Sonic Heroes. This huge, bustling city has fallen into the hands of "Doctor Eggman". Time to race through the skylines!

This futuristic city appears to be (at least, before its impromptu occupation by the Eggman Empire) controlled by the monopolistic HEXAeco energy company. Many of the buildings are emblazoned with the corporation's logo, and the iridescent roadways are powered by HEXAeco energy. Despite all the E-series robots trooping about the place, traffic still flows at breakneck pace as hovercars and lorries zoom through the skies.


After defeating the Egg Hawk in Ocean Palace, the teams head into the city. Team Sonic finds the metropolis controlled by Eggman and intends to remove his influence in a style not dissimilar to their classic goals. Team Dark also knows that Eggman has control, and plans to destroy all of the badniks swarming the city, which in a kind of roundabout way would also liberate it. Team Rose is again following Amy's heart, which tells her that Sonic is somewhere in the city. Team Chaotix has also found themselves in the city, being instructed by their employer to do away with the robots in the city, but this may land them in conflict with Team Dark.


The normal / extra missions are:

  • Team Sonic: Rescue the city from Eggman! / Reach the Goal Ring within 5 minutes!
  • Team Dark: Crush Eggman's city! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Team Rose: Stroll through the modern city! / Collect 200 Rings!
  • Team Chaotix: Clear out the enemies in the city! / Clear out the enemies in 8 minutes!


  • On the Xbox version of the game, the clouds aren't present on the background and the escalator's texture animation is static due to graphical glitches. This also applies to Power Plant, the 1st team battle, and the action race of this stage to these glitches. The 2nd PlayStation version has only the static texture animation for the escalators like the Xbox version.

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