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The following are instruction manuals for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC game Sonic Heroes.

Character profiles

Taken from PS2 JP manual. Translated by Windii.

Team Sonic

The team of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles face the challenge of Dr. Eggman. Having shared many adventures together in the past, their teamwork is unparalleled!

Sonic the Hedgehog

The world's fastest, supersonic hedgehog. With a passionate heart behind his cool demeanor, he has survived many crises.
Dr. Eggman is his archenemy and he has crushed his ambitions many times. Sonic will not let Eggman off the hook as he throws down the gauntlet this time. "I'm going to make a show of it as usual!"

Miles "Tails" Prower

A fox cub who adores Sonic and has gone through many adventures with him. He is a mechanical enthusiast and a genius inventor, second only to Eggman, and can fly by spinning his two tails.
He doesn't want to rely on Sonic all the time, but wants to be reliable himself. Will he be able to fulfill his wish this time?

Knuckles the Echidna

He lives on Angel Island, an island that flies in the sky, guarding a huge jewel called the Master Emerald since birth. He is wild, tough, stubborn, and single-minded. He is also a martial arts master who uses his strength to his advantage.
He and Sonic, who are opposites in many ways, have been rivals for many years, but now they seem to be good friends.

Team Dark

Rouge gets a tip that Dr. Eggman is collecting treasures from all over the world. She immediately sneaks into Eggman's base, but doesn't find the jewels she's looking for. There, however, Rouge discovers that the missing Shadow is sleeping in a capsule. In addition, the strongest robot Omega, which had been sealed by Eggman, has been activated!
Rouge wants to find the treasure, Shadow wants to find his lost memories, and Omega hates Eggman for sealing him away... The three have different goals, but they all agree to find Dr. Eggman and form a new team.

Shadow the Hedgehog

He looks exactly like Sonic, and his abilities are no less impressive. In fact, he is the ultimate life form created by Professor Gerald (Dr. Eggman's grandfather), the genius scientist of the century.
He was released from a capsule by Rouge, but has lost most of his memories before that.

Rouge the Bat

She is a treasure hunter specializing in gems and an agent working for the President of the Federal Government. In other words, she is a great thief and secret spy.
Her actions are bold, and despite her frivolous demeanor, she is a very calculating realist. In a sense, she is a true professional.

E-123 Omega

The final lot number of robots in the E series created by Eggman. He is packed with the know-how of the previous robots, and boasts the strongest fighting power in the series. Despite this, he was sealed away for a long time, and he holds a grudge against Dr. Eggman. Omega's goal is to destroy all other mechs created by Eggman, and to take revenge on Eggman himself.

Team Rose

Amy is still very much in love with Sonic, but she hasn't heard from him in a while and is worried about him. When she was troubled by the lack of clues to find him, she happened to see a picture of Sonic in a newspaper article! Amy visits the newspaper company to get more information and meets Cream and Big there, who were also at the company to ask about the same photo. Big is looking for his friend "Froggy" and Cream is looking for Chocola, the twin of Cheese the Chao, who is always with her.
Thus, the three members who came together because of one photo formed a team and began to search for their missing friends.

Amy Rose

An energetic girl in love with love who chases after Sonic. It's hard to get him to look back at her, but she runs around without a care in the world.
She is an action-oriented girl, and today she is wielding a Piko Piko Hammer as she searches all around for Sonic.

Cream the Rabbit

A girl who is good friends with mysterious creatures named Chao. She is especially good friends with a Chao named Cheese, and is always on the go with him. She was raised to be a polite young lady, and has a pure heart that knows no falsehoods.
She can fly with her big ears flapping. Incidentally, her favorite food is of course soft serve ice cream!

Big the Cat

A big cat who lives in the depths of the jungle with his best friend, Froggy. His hobby is fishing, and he always carries a fishing rod with him.
He is kind-hearted and strong. He has a very calm personality, but when it comes to his friends (especially Froggy), he tries his best.

Team Chaotix

The Chaotix Detective Agency is willing to do any job as long as they get paid. Recently, however, work has been hard to come by, and Vector, Espio, and Charmy are bored. Then one day, a package arrives at the office containing a communication device. When they turn it on, they hear a mysterious voice saying, "I consider you to be good detectives and would like to ask you to do a job for me... for as much money as you want."
By all accounts, the request seemed suspicious. However, the policy of this detective agency is to take on any job as long as it is worth the reward. Will the three of them be able to complete this mission?

Espio the Chameleon

The advisor of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He uses his chameleon characteristics to control ninjutsu. He is always calm, talks little, and is a bit too cautious.
However, his personality helps to tighten the mood of the team, which can be overly optimistic and daredevil.

Charmy Bee

He is talkative, ditzy, energetic and always jumps around. Since he is still a child, he loves to play more than anything else.
He is supposed to be the "detective" of the Chaotix Detective Agency, but he's more of a mascot. With his cheerfulness, he is the mood maker of the team.

Vector the Crocodile

The head of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He is an experienced detective with a quick temper and a foul mouth.
It's hard to tell from his rough appearance, but his deductive skills are outstanding and he is always the one to figure out the mystery of a case.
His policy is to take on any job as long as it's worth the fee, but he never gets his hands dirty in evil deeds and sometimes does work that doesn't pay. He is, after all, a good-natured optimist.

Dr. Eggman's Ambitions

Dr. Eggman

As his name implies, he is an evil genius scientist with an egg-like shape. A genius with an IQ of 300, he has an authority on robotics.
Although he is an "evil genius scientist", perhaps because of his childish nature (?) he loves world domination. Even though he has failed many times in the past, he always comes up with an even bigger plan to take over the world!
Sonic, who always gets in his way, is his eternal nemesis. However, deep down he seems to have a part of him that doesn't hate him, and he even goes out of his way to send him a challenge letter.

Unknown/Metal Sonic

The robot that holds the key to this story.
Its true identity is shrouded in mystery...


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