Perfect Chaos

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Perfect Chaos
Perfect Chaos
Game: Sonic Adventure
Level: Last Story
Hits to defeat: 6 (3 hits each of the 2 phases)
Fought by: Super Sonic

The watery creature Chaos has a unique affinity with the Chaos Emeralds, undergoing a moderate transformation to a larger, bulkier form with each individual emerald it collects. However, on acquiring all seven, Chaos becomes Perfect Chaos, an aquatic monstrosity of unprecedented size and power. Chaos' transformation to Perfect Chaos is central to the plot of Sonic Adventure.

Death of The Knuckles Tribe

Three thousand years before Sonic's time, Chaos lived peacefully with the Chao at the Emerald Shrine in what would later be called the Mystic Ruins. Pachacamac, leader of the Knuckles Tribe, decided to seize the Chaos Emeralds to further his war efforts, attacking the alter, along with the Chao and his daughter Tikal who tried to stop him. So enraged by Pachacamac's actions, Chaos used the Emerald's negative energies to transform into the towering, tentacled Perfect Chaos, and laid waste to the entire Knuckles Clan civilization. The beast might have destroyed the entire world if not for Tikal's actions, who pleaded to the "unifier" to seal Chaos, and herself, inside the Master Emerald.

The consequences of this first Perfect Chaos disaster included the creation of Angel Island, the Knuckles Clan entering terminal decline, and the ascendancy of the Nocturnus Clan within the ancient world.

Station Square

Chaos would have remained safely ensconced inside the Master Emerald if not for Doctor Eggman, who, upon deciphering ancient echidna writings about the beast, decided that the smart thing to do would be to unleash Perfect Chaos and use it as a weapon. Eggman fractured the Master Emerald, releasing Chaos 0. Immediately he set about gathering the Chaos Emeralds to feed the water god he thought he could control. Sonic Adventure sees the heroes attempting to stop his plan, but in the end, Chaos escapes Dr Eggman's control and acquires the seventh Emerald for himself.

The results are catastrophic. Still brimming with rage and hatred over the attack on the Chao three thousand years ago, Perfect Chaos obliterates the human city of Station Square with a tsunami, shoots down the second Egg Carrier, and prepares to finish the job he started by drowning the rest of the world as well. Looking over the madness, Tikal reveals herself to Sonic, asking for his help in sealing the beast once more in the Master Emerald, along with herself. Even though that was what happened the first time around, Sonic refuses to believe that is the answer this time around, for Chaos would still remain in the same state, trapped not just in the emerald but in anguish. Miles "Tails" Prower, in analyzing the situation, makes a point of the fact that Chaos has absorbed only the negative energies of the Emeralds, so Sonic is still able to use the positive energies to transform himself. With the entire playable cast of the game arriving with the Chaos Emeralds in hand, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, battling Perfect Chaos in the flooded ruins of the city as Sonic Adventure's last boss.

The fight sees Super Sonic aquaplaning over the flooded streets, up the broken, twisted roadways of Speed Highway and the wreckage of the city to target Perfect Chaos. The beast deploys furious energies to knock Sonic back; meteor swarms, giant lasers, and - closer to his base - twisting cyclones which all conspire to slow the golden hedgehog down. In order to do damage, Super Sonic must run into Perfect Chaos at high speed using the Bolt Attack; fast enough to sprint all the way up inside the creature, and strike at its brain. When hit, Chaos dissolves and reforms in another part of the city, requiring Super Sonic to charge towards him again.

The entire encounter requires six hits to finally defeat the god of destruction. For the first three, the theme of the game "Open Your Heart" plays on, the third hit giving a false sense of security and success. The music then shifts to a dark, orchestral theme called "Perfect CHAOS Revival!" where Perfect Chaos' attacks become harder to dodge. However, with another three successful hits of the creature's brain, a brilliant explosion will signify his defeat, Super Sonic triumphantly posing in the flooded city.

When Perfect Chaos is finally defeated, his heart is finally calmed. Noticing that the Chao are now living peacefully with humans, Chaos allows itself to be guided into the heavens by Tikal's spirit.

Other Titles

A frozen version of Perfect Chaos makes a cameo in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, in the Sonic World Dream Figure Skating event. It is defeated by characters jumping into it and using the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

Perfect Chaos appears as a boss in Sonic Generations. The fight again takes place in Station Square against Modern Sonic. Modern Sonic has to boost into Perfect Chaos after maneuvering through the destroyed city.


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