Sky Chase Act 2

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Sky Chase Act 2
Sub-game level, Sonic Adventure
Number of Acts: 1
Level theme: sky

The second part of the Sky Chase subgame takes place after Red Mountain in Sonic's storyline and Sand Hill in Tails' storyline. The two are reunited in Tails' improved Tornado 2 and take to a cloudy sky to combat Eggman a second time. This level is more difficult than the first, as Eggman has fitted the Egg Carrier with missile launchers along the hull and is surrounded by several floating mines. These mines are reminiscent of the Nebula badnik from the original Sky Chase Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This level is separated into two parts by a short cutscene.

In the first part, the Tornado simply flies around the Egg Carrier, as in Sky Chase Act 1. The floating mines, the bombs launched from the hull, and the launchers themselves can be targeted with the Tornado 2's laser, though it is recommended to destroy some of the launchers with the cannon on close sweeps of the hull. This is the longer of the two parts. After flying around the Egg Carrier and coming up behind, a cutscene is triggered in which Tails transforms the Tornado 2 into its fighter mode. The plane is propelled faster by its more powerful rocket to the front of the Egg Carrier, again through a slew of mines and bombs, where the craft takes on Eggman's powerful front-mounted cannon. The attack pattern of the cannon is simple: it opens to charge, fires, and then closes. It is only vulnerable when charging, and is easy to avoid. When the cannon charges, energy is seen drawing into it. It is ready to fire when this stops. At this point, the player must fly the Tornado to one of the corners of the screen to dodge the attack. A halo flashes around the cannon, indicating it has fired. After covers close over the cannon, it is safe to return to the center of the screen by simply releasing the control stick. After a few rounds of fire, the cannon explodes and the level ends with a cutscene.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Level Number: Sub Game After 7
Areas: 1
Maximum Rings: 0
A-Rank Requirement: 20000pt

Miles "Tails" Prower

Level Number: Sub Game After SG2
Areas: 1
Maximum Rings: 0
A-Rank Requirement: 20000pt


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