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SonicAdventureTaikenban DC Title.png
Sonic Adventure Taikenban
Prerelease of: Sonic Adventure
System: Sega Dreamcast
Build date: Mar 2, 1999
Source: GD-ROM disc
Found by: drx

Sonic Adventure Taikenban (ソニックアドベンチャー 体験版) is a demo of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, that was available in stores in Japan.


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  • It's based off the Japanese Release.
  • It's dated March 3, 1999, nearly 3 months after the Japanese release.
  • It seems to have been made around the time work began on international versions.
SonicAdventureTaikenban DC Title.png
SonicAdventure DC JP Title.png
Final (JP)

The title screen has extra text at the bottom which translates to Taikenban.

  • There's extra text at the bottom of the character select.
  • Sonic's demo ends after the Egg Hornet fight.
  • Tails' demo is Ice Cap.
  • Knuckles' demo starts with his intro, but after it finishes the game immediately loads Speed Highway.
  • Amy's demo is the Hedgehog Hammer mini game.
  • Big's demo is Twinkle Park.
  • E-102 γ's demo is Final Egg.
  • Chaos 0 is defeated in one hit.
  • Certain levels have been made easier.

Emerald Coast

  • Those rising and falling spike poles were removed.

Physical scans

Dreamcast, JP

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