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Egg Hornet
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Egg Hornet
Game: Sonic Adventure
Level: Mystic Ruins
Hits to defeat: 3
Fought by: Sonic, Tails

The Egg Hornet is the first battle with Dr. Robotnik in Sonic Adventure, fought by both Sonic and Tails in their respective stories. After Sonic helps Tails out of the airplane crash site in Emerald Coast, the two friends hop on the train to Mystic Ruins and Tails' Workshop. En route, however, they are waylaid by their old nemesis Robotnik, in his Eggmobile.

During pre-battle taunts, the scientist reveals that he is (as usual) after the Chaos Emeralds, intending to reduce Station Square to rubble and build Robotnikland in the ruins. This is also the first instance in Western media where Sonic calls the doctor "Eggman". Unfriendly banter aside, Robotnik adds on to the Egg-O-Matic by equipping it with two large retractable drills at the side of the vehicle and three boosters at the back, then commences his attack.

The Egg Hornet fights by launching barrages of small missiles at you. They can be avoided by running from them. Once they have been fired, Robotnik charges to the ground with the drills trying to crash down on top of Sonic. To defeat him, all you need to do is use the homing attack, aiming at the main body of the vehicle when Dr. Robotnik gets his drills stuck in the ground after you avoid the drill. Once you defeat the Egg Hornet all add-ons break off from the main ship.

Robotnik is eventually victorious, however, as he accomplishes exactly what he came for. Even after the Hornet's attachments are blown off, the Doctor deploys an extensible claw and snatches the purple Chaos Emerald right out of Tails' hands. He quickly tosses it to Chaos, who has oozed his way up from underground; the watery creature transforms from Chaos 0 to Chaos 1, gaining a bone in his right arm. The villains make a hasty departure, leaving Sonic and Tails behind - who decide that gathering the rest of the Emeralds before Eggman does must be their new priority.


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