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The following is a list of downloadable additions that were available for Sonic Adventure, stored upon the VMU. Each of these events change the hub worlds and levels of Sonic Adventure.

Sonic Adventure Event Save Data
Name File Name Comment File Size Icon Description
ソニックアドベンチャー/XMAS SONICADV_000 メリークリスマス
(Merry Christmas)
88 blocks SAdv vmu024.png Six Christmas trees which play Jingle Bells, Joy to the World or Silent Night are placed in Station Square. Available at release on 12/23/98 - 12/25/98.
ソニックアドベンチャー/お正月 SONICADV_001 アケマシテオメデトウ
(Happy New Year)
66 blocks SAdv vmu025.png A New Year's pine decoration (or kadomatsu (門松)) is placed. Available 12/26/98 - 01/07/99 (a bug fix version was added on 12/29).
ソニックアドベンチャー/QUO SONICADV_002 QUOカードヲサガソウ
(Let's look for QUO cards)
34 blocks SAdv vmu018.png A contest where contestants locate 6 Hidekazu Yukawa Quo cards which are hidden around Station Square and Mystic Ruins in a 10-minute time limit. It was released 01/22/98.
ソニックアドベンチャー/ファミ通 SONICADV_003 ソニッククンノカクレンボ
(Sonic's hide-and-seek)
18 blocks SAdv vmu023.png A contest which was sponsored by the weekly Famitsu magazine. 5 hedgehog photos are hidden around Station Square and must be found in a 10-minute time limit. It was released 02/12/99.
SONIC ADVENTURE / US Launch SONICADV_501 US_Launch_Party 40 blocks SAdv vmu019.png Banners and balloons are placed around Station Square to celebrate the US Dreamcast launch. Released 09/09/99.
SONIC ADVENTURE / EC Launch SONICADV_502 EC_Launch_Party 40 blocks SAdv vmu020.png Banners and balloons are placed around Station Square to celebrate the UK Dreamcast launch.
SONIC ADVENTURE / JP Launch SONICADV_503 JP_Launch_Party 40 blocks SAdv vmu019.png Banners and balloons are placed around Station Square to celebrate the Japanese Dreamcast launch.
SONIC ADVENTURE/ATT01 SONICADV_504 MINIGAME_ATT01 68 blocks SAdv vmu016.png A contest which was sponsored by AT&T and the Official Dreamcast Magazine, which had three time attack events. The contest was only available to the US. The first was a version of Speed Highway with various changes, such as AT&T signs, billboards, etc. The second had Knuckles dig in the ground for treasure at the Mystic Ruins, which had AT&T signs with clues. The final event was a version of the Sand Hill sub-game where Tails had to surf through ten specific gates with an AT&T logo on them. Released 12/24/99 - 01/14/00
SONIC ADVENTURE / ATT02 SONICADV_506 MINIGAME_ATT02 58 blocks SAdv vmu016.png
SONIC ADVENTURE / ATT03 SONICADV_508 MINIGAME_ATT03 68 blocks SAdv vmu016.png
SONIC ADVENTURE / Tremble Park SONICADV_505 HALLOWEEN 53 blocks SAdv vmu013.png Twinkle Park is decorated with jack-o-lanterns decorated with witch hats and black capes. Released 10/18/99.
SONIC ADVENTURE / REEBOK SONICADV_507 MINIGAME_REEBOK 68 blocks SAdv vmu017.png A contest sponsored by Reebok to promote their new shoes. Sonic was to go around Emerald Coast collecting them in containers with Eggman's logo on them. Players could win prizes if they placed in the top 50. The music would change to VS Rival as soon as the first shoes were collected. Billboards advertising the new shoes would also be plastered around Emerald Coast and the Station Square hotel for Sonic only. This DLC is special as it would only work on PAL copies of Sonic Adventure and a PAL Dreamcast. Released XX/XX/99 (month and day unknown)[1] More information can be found here.
SONIC ADVENTURE / XMAS SONICADV_509 DOWNLOAD_XMAS 55 blocks SAdv vmu014.png Decorates Station Square with four large Christmas trees. If any tree is tagged, "Dreams Dreams A Cappela" from Christmas NiGHTS will play. Released 12/17/99 - 12/28/99.
SONIC ADVENTURE / Y2K SONICADV_510 DOWNLOAD_Y2K 62 blocks SAdv vmu015.png Giant rings are hidden in each action stage. If it is tagged the BGM will changed to Palmtree Panic present BGM from Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Released 12/29/99.
SONIC ADVENTURE / Samba GP SONICADV_511 CART_CONVENTION 61 blocks SAdv vmu021.pngSAdv vmu022.png Circuit course is added to mark the release of Samba de Amigo on the Dreamcast. The BGM for the track is Super Sonic Racing (instrumental version). Two versions of the event were released, the only difference between them being the icon displayed in the memory card manager. Released 04/27/00.
  • 1st nationwide ranking added on 12/24/98.
  • 2nd nationwide ranking added on 01/08/99.
  • 3rd nationwide ranking added on 01/13/99.
  • 4th nationwide ranking added on 02/12/99.
  • 5th nationwide ranking added on 03/17/99.
  • 6th nationwide ranking added on 04/07/99.
  • 7th nationwide ranking added on 04/22/99.
  • Chao black market added on 06/08/99. Players with enough Emblems can access rare Chao.
  • 8th nationwide ranking added on 06/17/99.
  • 9th nationwide ranking added on 09/02/99.
  • Ruby Chao available for download on 09/09/99.
  • Eme Chao (Emerald Chao) available for download on 10/14/99.
  • Sappha Chao (Sapphire Chao) available for download on 12/23/99.

This ZIP contains all the Downloadable Events

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